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Hydrothermal explosion at Yellowstone shocks visitors: ‘Grateful to be alive’

A hydrothermal explosion occurred at Yellowstone National Park’s Biscuit Bay on Tuesday, shocking visitors. Tourists walking along the boardwalk captured the explosion on video, with people closest to the eruption running away as smoke and debris engulfed part of the boardwalk. Vlada March posted a video of the explosion to social media. The blast appeared […]

‘Took Me 90 Minutes to Find Out He Was Alive’

Donald Trump Jr. said he didn’t know if his father was alive for 90 minutes after Donald Trump Sr. was shot at a campaign rally on Saturday, during an exclusive interview with Breitbart News at the Republican National Committee in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Trump Jr. revealed the turmoil and chaos that existed within the Trump family […]

“Trump is Alive Today Solely Due to a Bad Wind Estimate by an Evil Would Be Assasin”

The Pro Trump News home page features 60 new headlines every 24 hours, click here to see them. Blackwater founder Erik Prince has spoken out about the attempted assassination of President Trump. He said Trump was only alive because of “malicious speculation by malicious assassins.” Here is Prince’s full assessment: “After yesterday’s tragedy in Butler, […]

‘I Thank God Trump Is Alive’ After Bloody Shooting

The Rev. Franklin Graham thanked God on Saturday that former President Donald Trump wasn’t killed after gunfire erupted during a rally in Pennsylvania, sending him rushing off the stage covered in blood. “The former president Donald Trump Alive” Graham I have written Following the incident at Butler while Trump was onstage: I am the former […]

‘Miracle’ dog found alive in underground Virginia cave

A group of cavers in Virginia made a miraculous discovery Sunday when they found a dog that was still alive while exploring an underground cavern littered with animal skulls and bones. Dave Jackson and Jesse Rochette of CaveSim, a Colorado-based educational cave simulator company, told The Associated Press that they were exploring Giant Cave with […]

Angel Reese keeps double-double streak alive despite injury scare

Sky rookie Angel Reese extended her record-breaking double-double streak to 15 straight games on Thursday, despite her team’s loss to the WNBA’s best Liberty. “I don’t know why the basketball gods keep blessing me. I don’t know how it happens. Tonight wasn’t a good night, but there’s always another day,” Reese said after finishing with […]