It’s not hard to imagine America’s demise any more

Imagine what it would be like if Americans woke up to the news that 40,000 of their fellow citizens had been massacred in an unprovoked and vicious terrorist attack, with another 8,000 taken hostage. Video evidence confirms the brutal attack was an act of unspeakable evil. Innocent people were slaughtered in the streets, babies were […]

We can’t afford to cut America’s nuclear modernization program

Tensions with China and Russia have never been higher since the Cold War. From Ukraine to the Middle East, the South China Sea to the Korean Peninsula, nuclear-armed dictators are challenging American hegemony. So why are some American politicians suggesting that we should reduce our nuclear arsenal? The United States only recently ended a 35-year […]

Smoking hot: 5 of America’s most extreme BBQ rigs, from battle tanks to jet airlines

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How Europe is waging a war on America’s free market

I recently wrote a column warning that the Biden administration is bringing Europe’s food wars to the U.S. Now the EU is bringing its war on free markets to U.S. companies. The EU recently passed a bill requiring all companies with profits of more than $500 million in Europe to adhere to progressive environmental, social […]

Sunlight For America’s Great Unhealed Wound

In 1964, a reporter asked Chief Justice Earl Warren whether the records of the blue-ribbon panel he chaired, which investigated the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, would ever be made public. Warren responded, “Yes, there will come a time. But it might not be in your lifetime.” The curiousness of Warren’s statement comes into […]

America’s first Bitcoin president: Trump starts taking crypto donations

This article was originally published on Bitcoin Magazine. President Trump said: Website Last week, Trump announced that his campaign to retake the White House would begin accepting donations in Bitcoin. The campaign’s announcement is sure to intensify the conflict between Trump and current President Joseph Biden, who, along with fellow Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren of […]

Revising America’s Original Sins

The story of Kennewick Man is a tale that branches into anthropology, archeology, history, politics, DNA testing, our legal system, and the frustrations of simply attempting to derive a scientific truth while in conflict with bureaucracy. Kennewick Man was discovered in 1996 quite by accident by two college students in south-central Washington state not far […]

How the Left Injects Climate Alarmism into America’s Boardrooms

The following content is Exchange of 1792. Click here to see more articles. The “E” in ESG, or “environment,” represents how the anti-fossil fuel climate movement has engulfed American corporations and is damaging our economy, energy security, and national security. Daniel Cameron, CEO 1792 Exchangeexplains how it works in an interview with Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief […]