Crew for upcoming Artemis II moon mission announced

More than 50 years since astronauts last set foot on the moon in 1972. Apollo 17 The mission announced three Americans and one Canadian as a crew of four to fly near the moon on the upcoming Artemis II mission. The crew won’t land on the moon, but the mission will be a landing that […]

New names, major changes announced for the 2023 hurricane season

Each year, the National Hurricane Center collaborates with the World Meteorological Organization to explore practices and develop new messages to save lives and reduce property loss from Mother Nature’s most powerful forces. Major changes are typically tested within US government agencies for several years before being released to the public. Changes over the last few […]

North Korea Launched ICBM After US-South Korea Exercises Announced

North Korea launches intercontinental ballistic missile [inter-contiential ballistic missile] Saturday, hours after South Korea announced it would hold joint exercises with the United States. Quoting the South Korean military, new york times report North Korea’s intercontinental ballistic missile launched from the communist capital Pyongyang “flyed about 560 miles east” on Saturday and landed off the […]

REPORT: The Next ‘Yellowstone’ Prequel Announced By Paramount Executive

Paramount Network officials reportedly announced the next prequel to the hit series “Yellowstone” on Sunday night at a community event in Hamilton, Montana. Tom Prince, executive vice president of production at 101 Studios, which partnered with Paramount to produce the hit cowboy drama produced by Taylor Sheridan, said the next prequel will be titled “1944.” […]