FDIC Chair Martin Gruenberg apologizes for toxic workplace culture

Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Chairman Martin Gruenberg vowed Wednesday to skeptical lawmakers that he would address not just his own conduct, but also deep cultural problems at his agency. But lawmakers expressed doubts about whether the banking supervisor, who has held leadership roles at the agency for nearly two decades and has been the subject […]

Thomas Jefferson University apologizes after names mispronounced at graduation ceremony

Thomas Jefferson University apologized Friday after a speaker at a graduation ceremony for nursing students mispronounced the names of several graduates and included the name Thomas, which is also in the university’s name. The speaker mispronounced Molly Elizabeth Camp as “morena zabeth cap” and Thomas as “ta-mo-may.” The woman corrected her and said Thomas, but […]

Apple apologizes for iPad ‘Crush!’ ad

Apple has apologized for its latest promotion of the new iPad after complaints that the company shows a desire to destroy various forms of culture. An iPad Pro commercial was posted by Apple CEO Tim Cook. Xsays this is “the thinnest product we’ve ever created and the most advanced display we’ve ever created, with the […]

Apple apologizes for ad showing piano, guitars crushed

Apple has apologized after a new iPad Pro ad that depicts a piano, guitar, paint cans and other objects being crushed by a hydraulic press sparked an online backlash. “Creativity is in Apple’s DNA, and designing products that empower creative people around the world is extremely important to us,” said Tor Myhren, Apple’s vice president […]

Rep. Jared Moskowitz Apologizes For Joke About Gov. Kristi Noem, Kim Jong Un

Democratic Florida Rep. Jared Moskowitz apologized Monday after making a joke on social media about Republican South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Moskowitz issued an apology after making a remark that referenced a stereotype about Asians and dogs. His comments were made in response to a clip of Noem […]

FDIC chair apologizes to staff after probe finds toxic workplace culture

FDIC Chairman Martin Gruenberg said Tuesday that a law firm’s investigation confirmed a report alleging widespread sexual misconduct, lewd behavior and retaliatory administrative actions at the federal banking regulator. He then apologized to the staff. “I would like to once again express my deepest regrets to those who have experienced sexual harassment or other misconduct […]

Dem Rep. Jared Moskowitz apologizes for joke about Kristi Noem, Kim Jong Un eating dog

A Florida lawmaker apologized Monday for invoking insensitive stereotypes in a joke aimed at Republican South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. “Why does it feel like she wanted to eat dog with Kim Jong Un?” Democratic Rep. Jared Moskowitz said of Noem promoting Noem’s upcoming book on “CBS Mornings.” […]