A New Political Art Form

How politicians and would-be politicians are practicing the form of Constituent avoidance. I am sure most of us over the age of 40 and perhaps some even younger, remember playing Dodgeball as we grew up and attended both public and/ or private school as part of our recess activity time. What fun it was to […]

How ‘conservative’ art can go from cringey to cathartic

It’s a meme on the left that the right can’t produce good art. When asked why, leftists will usually say it’s temperament. They may even claim it is genetic. Conservatives are not creative, but for some reason that seems to be one of the few constant traits that the left is willing to uphold. You […]

‘If people can’t see it, is it even art?’

We don’t know who he is yet, but we do know where to find him. New York City’s new Banksy Museum is displaying what it claims is “the world’s largest collection” of life-size murals and other artwork by world-famous but unknown artists. Or at least “great” replicas of them. The museum opened in Soho on […]

NYC-Dublin art installation to close after bad behavior

A visual arts portal in New York City that continues to livestream to connect New Yorkers with the community of Dublin, Ireland, has temporarily shut down after inappropriate behavior from some troublemakers. It was decided that it would be done. Connecting the two cities, this art sculpture is located on 23rd Street and 5th Avenue […]

Ken Griffin slams pro-Palestinian protests as ‘performative art’

Wall Street mogul Ken Griffin vowed last fall that he would never consider recruiting students who expressed support for Hamas, but he denounced pro-Palestinian protests as “performative art” and called his alma mater Harvard University a “Western-style He appealed to people to accept “values.” The outspoken founder and CEO of giant hedge fund Citadel has […]

NYC-Dublin live video art installation already bringing out the worst in people

This is why some of us can’t afford good things. To no one’s surprise, the voyeuristic new “Portal” street exhibit in the Flatiron District, which connects New York City and Dublin with a 24/7 live video feed, is already causing havoc. . The Irish pranksters are exposing everything from their bare butts to their bodies. […]

Making motherhood into high art

Most women think that balancing motherhood and professional career is a modern-day challenge, but that’s not entirely true. Meditation on this topic dates back to classical antiquity. Prominent women such as Cornelia (mother of the Gracchi brothers) are recorded as role models of integrity. People like Livia (wife of Emperor Augustus) are remembered for their […]