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Probe Reveals Indonesian Pilots Fell Asleep For 30 Minutes On Flight With 153 People

The Batik Air flight was on a route from southeast Sulawesi to Jakarta. In a shocking incident, two Indonesian pilots of Batik Air reportedly fell asleep for about 30 minutes during the flight with passengers on board. guardian. The pilot and co-pilot slept simultaneously for approximately 28 minutes. According to a preliminary report by the […]

How to fall asleep anywhere in 120 seconds or less

Make coffee in a pot. Get a non-cushioned, straight-backed chair like the ones you’ll find at the DMV. If possible, please turn on lighting such as fluorescent lights.play some machine gun sound Loop at maximum volume. Take a seat, close your eyes and relax. That’s how legendary sprinting coach Bud Winter taught many Navy pilots […]

Turkey fryer explodes inside NC home after the cook falls asleep: police

Burlington, North Carolina (wavy) — A North Carolina family is lucky to be alive after a turkey fryer explodes inside their home. A propane tank fueling a fryer exploded at a Burlington home earlier this week, authorities said. The explosion was so powerful that the back windows of the house were blown out. Investigators say […]