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Potential Trump VP picks react to attempted assassination

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Biden’s Cabinet condemns attempted assassination of former President Trump

Trump has shown he’s a warrior: McEnany “Special Report” panelists Brit Hume, Juan Williams, Guy Benson and Kayleigh McEnany discuss the aftermath of the assassination attempt on former President Trump. Amid a climate of incendiary political rhetoric this election season, President Biden and White House officials have explicitly condemned political violence following the assassination attempt […]

FBI investigating attempted assassination of Donald Trump as ‘potential domestic terrorism,’

The assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump is being investigated by the FBI as a “potential domestic terrorism” case. The Federal Bureau of Investigation announced the development in a statement on Sunday, stressing that while the 20-year-old shooter, Thomas Matthew Crooks, appears to have acted alone, they are investigating “whether co-conspirators were involved” in […]

Calls to Replace Biden Halted After Attempted Assassination of Trump

Calls for President Joe Biden to replace him have reportedly stalled following the near-assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump during a rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday. The rally came after Biden was facing growing pressure from Democrats and donors to drop out of the presidential race following his performance at the June 27 presidential […]

Biden Addresses Nation About Attempted Trump Assassination

President Joe Biden addressed the nation Sunday night about the assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump, urging Americans to “step back and think” during a rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday. “The shooting that took place yesterday at a Donald Trump rally in Pennsylvania calls for all of us to take a step back and […]

Never Trump’s David Frum Blames Trump for His Own Attempted Assassination

David Frum, a prominent “Never Trump” critic and former speechwriter for President George W. Bush, said on Sunday Atlantic Ocean He blamed former President Donald Trump for the assassination attempt on him. During a rally in Pennsylvania, Trump narrowly survived an attempt on his life when a bullet from a high-powered rifle grazed his ear, […]

Thomas Matthew Crooks identified as Donald Trump’s attempted assassin

The FBI has identified a 20-year-old man from western Pennsylvania, Thomas Matthew Crooks, as the man who plotted to assassinate former President Donald Trump at a campaign event in Butler, Pennsylvania on Saturday. Crooks reportedly shot Trump above the right ear as the former president was addressing attendees at a rally in the small town […]

The attempted assassination of Trump is not nearly as surprising as it should be

The assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump stunned the nation. But what was most shocking was that it wasn’t as surprising as it was expected to be. For months, politicians, media outlets, and pundits on both sides of the race have been escalating their reckless rhetoric, including claims that Trump was trying to subvert […]