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St. John’s Daniss Jenkins attributes turnover issue to ‘fatigue’

CHARLESTON, S.C. — Neither Rick Pitino nor Danis Jenkins are worried about high turnover rates yet. Through three games, the Iona transfer coughed up the ball 15 times, and his fifth and final score on Thursday could have cost St. John’s the opening game of the Charleston Classic had he not stopped on the final […]

Postal worker Joseph Waldherr attributes $717K lotto win to kitten rescue

A postal worker in Washington put $717,500 in lottery winnings into the rescue of a lucky kitten. When Tacoma delivery man Joseph Walder arrived at work to pick up mail and packages for delivery, he heard a trapped kitten meow. He was unable to locate the tiny creature, but when Walder returned the next day […]

DeSantis attributes Trump rise in polling to ‘sympathy’ over Manhattan indictment

Republican presidential nominee Ron DeSantis said on Sunday that former President Trump has extended his lead in the polls because he has won public sympathy after being indicted in New York. In an interview with Howard Kurtz on Fox News’ Media Buzz, DeSantis expressed the view that Trump’s indictment of hush money payments for the […]

Shania Twain attributes fit figure to a liquid diet after showing off abs

Shania Twain reveals her fitness secrets. The 57-year-old country music star adheres to a predominantly liquid diet that includes vegetable-packed protein shakes. According to USA Today, Twain usually sticks to one meal a day, sometimes adding snacks of peanut butter and dark chocolate. Shania Twain has revealed how she stays fit in a new interview. […]