Kansas City Chiefs fans deaths: Autopsy reports complete, suppressed

Autopsy and toxicology reports have been completed for three Kansas City Chiefs fans who were mysteriously found dead in a friend’s snowy backyard earlier this year, but the results are unclear given the ongoing investigation. was hidden. Harrington, 37, Clayton McGeeney, 36, and Ricky Johnson, 38, have been together since last seen alive inside the […]

Nex Benedict had nonlethal head trauma, left self-harm notes before death: autopsy

Final autopsy results show that Nex Benedict, a non-binary teenager, left a handwritten note “suggesting self-inflicted harm” before killing himself, and that she also suffered a head injury from a fight at school the day before. However, it was determined that there were “no fatal injuries.” A first page summary published earlier this month said […]

Riley Strain’s family has second autopsy conducted on University of Missouri student

The grieving family of Riley Strain has completed a second private autopsy of their son as new details about his shocking discovery cast a shadow over his mysterious disappearance and death. . The 22-year-old University of Missouri student died on March 8 after being kicked out of country star Luke Bryan’s honky-tonk bar in Nashville, […]

Preliminary autopsy finds Riley Strain’s death ‘accidental’

A preliminary autopsy after the body of 22-year-old University of Missouri student Riley Strain was found in a Nashville river says the death was an “accident.” Toxicology results and a final autopsy report have not yet been submitted, but there is no apparent criminal activity, said Chris Mumford, a Metropolitan Nashville Police Department spokesman. told […]

Mei Li Haskell may have been alive when decapitated: autopsy

Murdered Hollywood mother Mayle Lee Haskell was likely beaten, shot and suffocated before being hacked to pieces with power tools, horrifying new details from her autopsy reveal The possibility that she was still alive at the time of her decapitation could not be ruled out. The 37-year-old wife of Hollywood executive son Sam Haskell IV, […]

Autopsy Reveals Nex Benedict Died By Suicide: REPORT

The Oklahoma State Medical Examiner’s Office on Wednesday released autopsy results concluding that a 16-year-old non-binary student at Owasso High School died by suicide, The New York Times reported. Nex Benedict died a day after getting into a physical fight in the girls’ bathroom at her school, The New York Times reported. report. An autopsy […]

Venezuelan migrant child died of sepsis at Chicago shelter: autopsy report

A 5-year-old Venezuelan immigrant boy who fell ill and later died at a Chicago immigrant shelter before Christmas died from a bacterial infection that causes sepsis and strep throat, autopsy results released Friday show. It was revealed. Jean Carlos Martinez Rivero died Dec. 17 of a group A streptococcal infection that can cause strep throat […]