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Larry Nassar survivor Sarah Klein: Kids need abuse awareness

The first known survivor of sexual abuse by prolific pedophile Larry Nassar is an advocate of giving children sex awareness education starting as early as kindergarten. Sarah Klein first met Nassar when she was 8 years old at a gymnastics class in Michigan, after he went on to become a doctor at Michigan State University […]

Gary Cohen eviscerates Marlins for complete lack of awareness

Manager Gary Cohen wasn’t pleased with the Marlins’ baseball awareness in their 10-4 loss in the third inning to the Mets on Wednesday night. SNY broadcasters were infuriated when the Marlins failed to realize that Miami had three outs after a throw to first and a force out at second. “The innings is over. Nobody […]

Usher brings diabetes awareness and swagger to the Capitol

Sighting: Usher visits Capitol Hill to lobby for Congress to support diabetes awareness and testing. The “Love in This Club” singer was expected to appear before the Senate on Wednesday looking his trademark dashing self. Usher was seen donning a brown suit and sunglasses during his appearance at the Senate. Senate Subway With Sen. Raphael […]

Emhoff to attend Washington Mystics game for gun violence awareness

Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff plans to attend the Washington Mystics game on Friday in honor of National Gun Violence Awareness Day. Emhoff plans to attend the game at Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C., where the Mystics will face off against the Indiana Fever, led by WNBA star Kaitlyn Clark. National Gun Violence Awareness Day […]

Woke Defense Department Mistakenly Posts LGBT Pride Graphic for PTSD Awareness Month

The Department of Defense (DOD) is coming under fire online for an embarrassing social media blunder when it accidentally posted a rainbow LGBTQ pride graphic in honor of PTSD Awareness Month. June has been designated as PTSD Awareness Month by the federal government since 2014, and was also recognized as Pride Month a year prior, […]

Pentagon mistakenly touts Pride Month in PTSD awareness post

The Department of Defense (DoD) made an embarrassing social media error on Saturday when it appeared to confuse Pride Month with PTSD Awareness Month. In a post published Saturday afternoon, the Department of Defense explained that June is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Month, a commemorative month first recognized by the U.S. government in June 2014, […]

The Antisemitism Awareness Act bars the teaching of modern Jewish history

Writer mike goldHis The Broken Jew was perhaps the most influential literary novel by a Jewish American of the mid-20th century, and he was an ardent anti-Zionist. His funny and often tragic stories of working-class Jewish immigrants in New York City are a generous, Whitmane-esque take on Jewish life in the early 20th century, with […]