Kohl’s Faces Boycott Calls Over Pride Onesie for Babies

Coles faces calls to boycott online sales of its “Pride” costume for three-month-old babies. new york post report Monday. A conservative account with a large following on Twitter drew attention to Onesie over the weekend. sold You can buy it for half the price on the retailer’s website. The post garnered responses from thousands of […]

Kohl’s facing boycott calls over Pride onesie for babies

Kohl’s is the latest major retailer to face boycott calls after shoppers uncovered gay pride merchandise for babies, in what some have called “time for bud writing.” The department store saw an increase in #BOYCOTTKHOLS hashtags online after a conservative commentator posted about the department store’s sales. Pride dress for children 3 months old. “If […]

Nation’s median age jumps to almost 39, while fewer babies born: census

The United States has aged faster in the last decade. New figures from the latest census show that the proportion of residents aged 65 and over increased by more than a third from 2010 to 2020, the fastest increase in 130 years, while the proportion of children declined. bottom. The 2020 workforce figures released Thursday […]

Twin Babies Found Dead in Garbage, Teen Mom Accused

An investigation has been launched in Cleveland, Ohio, after the bodies of two young children were found in the trash on Saturday. Police were called to the scene at block 2800 Ludlow Road and later said the mother of a 16-year-old girl had found her toddler lying in a trash can and called 911 for […]

Migrants with babies selling mangoes on dangerous NYC roads

Some of New York City’s busiest highways and roads are filled with immigrant mothers, desperate to make money, peddling mangoes and drinks in traffic jams. – Often with the baby strapped to your back. On Friday, along the busy and dangerous intersection of Woodhaven Boulevard and Myrtle Avenue in Queens, two young mothers who illegally […]

Career abortionist admits most late-term abortions he performs involve healthy babies and mothers; unwittingly exposes savagery sought by House Democrats

Currently working as an abortionist provided the Atlantic Ocean Includes insight into both his slaughterhouse and his victims. The gruesome details provided by Warren Hahn provide a gory portrayal of what really goes on behind closed doors at Blue State’s abortion clinic, but are equally grim and position unrestricted abortion as a national right. It […]