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Concerns about ‘structural racism’ prompt major Mass. hospital network to change policies about babies born addicted to drugs

A major hospital network in Massachusetts has now revamped its policy regarding newborns born addicted to drugs to address the “significant racial and ethnic disparities” it says are associated with substance abuse disorders. Tuesday, Union Brigham Mass. largest hospital group, announced It says it will no longer automatically report the birth of a drug-addicted infant […]

SIDS cases linked to babies’ unsafe sleep habits, study finds

Placing your baby to sleep outside of a crib or dedicated solo sleeping space can pose life-threatening risks. This is according to a recent study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the medical journal Pediatrics. Among infants who died suddenly, 59.5% were sleeping with someone at the time. About 76% […]

VP Kamala Harris tours clinic where unborn babies are killed: ‘Abortion tourism’

Vice President Kamala Harris visited an abortion clinic in Minnesota this week to reinforce the Biden administration’s efforts to strengthen a woman’s right to kill her unborn child. Shortly after 1 p.m. Thursday, Harris arrived at the family planning facility in St. Paul where the abortions were performed, but it is unclear whether the fetus […]

2 Dead Babies Found In Glass Bottles By Cleaner In Hong Kong

Both babies appeared to be less than a year old. The bodies of two boys in glass bottles were discovered by a cleaning crew on Saturday in the living room of an abandoned rental apartment in Hong Kong, according to a report. fox news. A man and a woman, believed to be the parents of […]

Gazan Woman Mourns Twin Babies Killed In Strike Who Will Call Me Mother Now

“I started screaming, ‘My children, my children,’” she said. Gaza: As men searched for survivors beneath an airstrike-destroyed house in the Gaza Strip, Rania Abu Anza looked down Sunday at the two children who did not survive: her young twins. A Palestinian woman says she went through multiple fertility treatments to realize her dream of […]