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Jodi Arias is selling her artwork from prison and making bank

Jodi Elias is serving a life sentence in Arizona for murdering her on-again, off-again boyfriend in 2008, but that hasn’t stopped her from selling her art online for thousands of dollars. The convicted murderer, who turned 44 this week, is with his family. Website and Instagram page Of her work. Arias says on his website […]

Citigroup protesters claim they were shoved by top lawyer at bank

Protesters who have been blocking the entrance to Citigroup’s headquarters in New York City for more than a month claim they were shoved by one of the banking giant’s top lawyers in a violent melee recorded on video, but the bank denies any wrongdoing by its employees. Shocking footage of the incident, obtained by The […]

CFPB Takes Action Against Fifth Third for Wrongfully Triggering Auto Repossessions and Opening Fake Bank Accounts – Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Washington DC – The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) today took action against Fifth Third Bank for a series of illegal activities that will result in the bank paying a $20 million penalty and providing compensation to approximately 35,000 affected consumers, including approximately 1,000 who had their vehicles repossessed. Specifically, the CFPB is ordering Fifth […]

US Man Arrested After He Allegedly Tried To Withdraw 1 Cent From Bank

The 41-year-old man was then transported to the Sumter County Jail. A Florida man has been charged with robbery after he tried to withdraw one cent from a Sumter County bank, police reported. New York PostAccording to an arrest affidavit from the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office, the incident happened Saturday just before 2 p.m. at […]

Bank Executive Steals $250,000 From Customers, Directly Accessing Bank Accounts To Fund His Lifestyle: US Department of Justice – The Daily Hodl

The Department of Justice announced that a former bank manager has admitted to stealing more than $250,000 from customers to fund his own extravagant spending habits. Department of Justice To tell Eric Jason Showest, 53, of Plaquemines, Louisiana, pleaded guilty to embezzlement and bank fraud. According to prosecutors, Showest admitted to using his authority as […]

Wells Fargo Claims Customers Are Liable for Unauthorized Transfers, Say Victims of Bank Fraud, As New Class-Action Lawsuit Filed in Federal Court – The Daily Hodl

Wells Fargo is facing a new class action lawsuit that alleges it violated the law by holding customers liable for fraudulent transfers. of suitThe lawsuit, filed in Pennsylvania federal court by Jennifer Rice and Eric Westervelt, alleges that Wells Fargo routinely violates the Electronic Funds Transfer Act by failing to compensate victims for their losses. […]