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Biden barely clearing the bar was the worst-case scenario for Democrats

newYou can listen to the Fox News article! For President Joe Biden, the bar could not have been lower, and the stakes could not have been higher, than Thursday night’s primetime news conference. He barely made it through and likely lived to fight again, but the stakes for him and the country remain just as […]

Interactive Calculator Shows How Cutting Carbon Emissions Would Barely Budge Temperatures

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes Editors’ Note: We don’t think the connection between CO2 and “global warming” has been established. However, even if you assume the theory, and use their own models, the destruction of our standard of living by environmental zealots does not substantially change future temperatures. Then why the continued force-feeding of their […]

Train in Georgia slams into semitruck on video, driver barely escapes

Train hits truck in Georgia Video shows the moment a train struck a large truck on railroad tracks in Bartow County, Georgia, early Tuesday morning. (Photo by Zach Hatcher/Facebook) The truck driver was lucky to survive, having escaped from the cab of his tractor-trailer just before the train struck it. The shocking footage was captured […]

Mets barely avoid getting no-hit as Braves, Max Fried dominate

The Mets, who have struggled to limit opposing runners all year, allowed a truly embarrassing stolen base on Saturday. The Braves stole what would have been Christian Scott Day, making it an almost historic afternoon for Max Fried & Co. Fried and two Atlanta relief pitchers far outscored the promising rookie in his Queens debut, […]

The unemployment rate barely rose, but only 175,000 jobs were added in April

Job additions in April were lackluster at 175,000, many of them in the health care sector. (iStock) The U.S. added 175,000 jobs in April, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. employment status report. This is a small increase compared to the average monthly increase of 242,000 over the past 12 months. The unemployment rate […]

RFK Jr. hits back after Trump’s ‘barely coherent’ rant

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. fired back at former President Trump’s “largely incoherent” rant targeting independent presidential candidates on Friday night’s TruthSocial. “When a frightened man takes to social media, he runs the risk of verbal abuse that makes him appear unfazed,” Kennedy said on social media on Saturday. post “President Trump’s tirade against me is […]