Drew Barrymore’s daughter used Playboy cover against her in argument

Drew Barrymore has revealed that her daughter Olive isn’t afraid to bring up her mother’s past during arguments over what her 11-year-old daughter should wear. On Tuesday’s episode of “The Drew Barrymore Show,” the 49-year-old actress and Christina Aguilera discussed parenting after having a “very liberal” and “free-spirited” childhood. “My daughter wants to wear crop […]

Drew Barrymore’s daughter uses her ‘Playboy’ cover against her

Drew Barrymore’s daughter is using her past to attack her. The actress said: Tuesday’s episode of “The Drew Barrymore Show” While discussing appropriate clothes for their daughter, they brought up her 1995 Playboy cover. “My daughter wants to wear a crop top,” she told guest Christina Aguilera. “I’d say, ‘No,’ and she’d say, ‘You’re on […]

Drew Barrymore’s now-deleted crying apology virtue-signaling

Hollywood sweetheart Drew Barrymore was also among those cancelled. The actress and talk show host was scheduled to return to screen her show, “The Drew Barrymore Show,” despite the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike that began in May. Although she initially claimed that her show complied with strike rules, she faced significant backlash from […]

Drew Barrymore’s emotional reaction to backlash over resuming show amid strike

Drew Barrymore is speaking out after facing intense backlash for choosing to restart “The Drew Barrymore Show” during the writers’ and actors’ strike. Barrymore posted an apology video on Instagram on Friday, in which she said she wanted to “make my own decision, not a publicity-protected one” and wanted to take “full responsibility” for her […]

Drew Barrymore’s therapist quit after concerns over her post-divorce drinking

Drew Barrymore’s post-divorce drinking became so intense that even her therapist couldn’t handle it. in a new interview with los angeles timesthe ‘Drew Barrymore Show’ host says he found himself frequently reaching for a bottle after hanging up with Will Kopelman and sought professional help from therapist Barry Michels. rice field. That is until he […]