Tucker Carlson January 6th Glenn Beck

Tucker Carlson has been under attack for the past few days, many of which have to do with his recent discovery. what was that? Well, he received never-before-seen tapes of the so-called violent riots that took place at the United States Capitol on January 6th, and joined Glenn Beck to talk about them. One of […]

Tucker Carlson tells Glenn Beck: Jan. 6 Committee didn’t merely distort facts, but fabricated full falsehoods — ‘blew my mind’

Tucker Carlson is a nationally syndicated radio host and joins the co-founders of Blaze Media Glenn Beck. Wednesday radio show The Fox News host discusses uncut, narrative-unsettling footage of the January 6 protests playing on his show. TheBlaze previously reported that much of the footage House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-California) gave Carlson access to was […]

Glenn Beck Interviews Donald Trump

In a shocking interview with former President Donald Trump, Glenn Beck talked about war in Ukraine and the possibility of World War III. Considering the war in Ukraine, Beck presented the dilemma he faced. “Mr. President, I can’t find a good person here,” Beck said. ing … [Ukraine] It’s badly corrupted. And I don’t trust […]