How this exercise bike is generating backup power in war zones

What if you live in a place where the power supply is constantly cut off due to war? How can you keep using your phone, laptop, refrigerator, or TV when the power grid goes down? This is the dilemma that motivated engineers to invent stationary bikes that can provide backup power in emergencies. His name […]

Cop Pulls Out Gun, Fires From Bike As Reel Turns Real In Israel

The car stopped and officers fired several shots. An Israeli policeman pulls out a gun and maneuvers his bicycle closer to a vehicle believed to be carrying Palestinian agents. When his colleagues overtook their car, he fired at them. The scenes, which unfold on deserted roads that cut through vast expanses of land, are not […]

Wisconsin Republicans Propose Bill To Outlaw Public Nudity After Naked Bike Run

Wisconsin Republicans are proposing a bill that would criminalize public nudity and the presence of minors at any event where people are naked, the Associated Press reported Thursday. of bill This photo is named after a widely circulated photo in an annual magazine. ride a bicycle naked In Madison, Wisconsin, more than 150 riders were […]

High school senior on bike killed by school bus driver

A 17-year-old Florida student was riding his bicycle to his high school when he was struck and killed by a school bus driven by a 78-year-old driver, authorities said. Sherman Vanoy was fatally injured just before 7 a.m. Monday while pedaling near the entrance to Lake Mineola High School in Clermont. officials told ClickOrlando. According […]

Charlotte Sena, 9, vanishes during bike ride in Moreau Lake State Park

A 9-year-old girl went missing while camping and riding her bike with her family at New York’s Moreau Lake State Park, and police searched the area for 18 hours before issuing an Amber Alert. Gov. Cathy Hochul said at a news conference Sunday that Charlotte Sena, who was enjoying a family outing Saturday night, decided […]


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