Billionaire Richard Branson suffers bloody injuries after bike crash

British billionaire Sir Richard Branson suffered a severe fall from his bicycle while cycling in the Caribbean, leaving him bruised and bloody. Branson with net worth Estimated by Forbes The British Virgin Islands resident, who is worth just under $3 billion, was photographed with severe bruising on his left arm. “I had a pretty big […]

Rachel Maddow defends Joe Biden over age concerns: ‘He rides a bike’

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow suggested President Biden is not old enough for the presidency, citing the fact that “he rides a bike” as evidence. On Thursday’s MSNBC show, hosts called out Biden’s critics after the 81-year-old referred to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi as the “President of Mexico,” upsetting two foreign leaders. accused of “age […]

Cyclists rage about horse carriages blocking new 10th Avenue bike lane

It’s not a stable situation. Bikers in the city are complaining that a Hudson Yards horse-drawn carriage driver driving into Central Park is violating their lane. Cyclists complain that buggies are jamming the newly widened bike lane on 10th Avenue between West 38th Street and West 52nd Street, forcing them to slow down or go […]

Cop commandeers civilian’s bike, tackles drug dealer in wild street chase: Video

Wild footage leaked from the UK shows police officers stealing a civilian's bicycle in order to track down and crack down on a drug dealer who was carrying a stash of drugs disguised as candy. Detective Inspector Beth Warren, of Northamptonshire Police, said of the dramatic footage: “This case is a classic example of police […]

How this exercise bike is generating backup power in war zones

What if you live in a place where the power supply is constantly cut off due to war? How can you keep using your phone, laptop, refrigerator, or TV when the power grid goes down? This is the dilemma that motivated engineers to invent stationary bikes that can provide backup power in emergencies. His name […]

Cop Pulls Out Gun, Fires From Bike As Reel Turns Real In Israel

The car stopped and officers fired several shots. An Israeli policeman pulls out a gun and maneuvers his bicycle closer to a vehicle believed to be carrying Palestinian agents. When his colleagues overtook their car, he fired at them. The scenes, which unfold on deserted roads that cut through vast expanses of land, are not […]

Wisconsin Republicans Propose Bill To Outlaw Public Nudity After Naked Bike Run

Wisconsin Republicans are proposing a bill that would criminalize public nudity and the presence of minors at any event where people are naked, the Associated Press reported Thursday. of bill This photo is named after a widely circulated photo in an annual magazine. ride a bicycle naked In Madison, Wisconsin, more than 150 riders were […]


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