Blessings for Same-Sex Couples ‘Western Imperialism’

ROME — The Vatican’s decision to allow priests to bless same-sex couples is seen as imposing Western customs on Africa and a form of “cultural colonization,” a leading African cardinal said. . On March 17th interview Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo, president of the Symposium of Bishops’ Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM), said in an interview […]

African Bishops Reject Pope Francis’ Approval of Same-Sex Blessings

African bishops on Thursday rejected Pope Francis' new guidance on blessing same-sex unions, saying in a letter they affirmed communion with Francis but believed LGBT relationships were contrary to church teaching and the Bible. He said there was. Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo, President of the Symposium of the Episcopal Conferences on Africa and Madagascar (SECAM), signed […]

Pope Francis Under Fire from Black Christians for Allowing Gay Blessings

ROME – Pope Francis faced fierce opposition from black Christian leaders after approving the blessing of gay couples. “We, our Black Pentecostal brothers in the United States, stand in solidarity with our Catholic brothers in Africa and the Diaspora,” the open movement begins. letter They have no choice but to “condemn your decision to bless […]

Polish, Ukrainian bishops join growing coalition against Vatican’s same-sex blessings document

Following the Vatican's announcement, Fiducia Supplican — The document outlines when same-sex or otherwise “irregular” couples can be blessed, and the Catholic Church around the world has seen battle lines form over its application. Ta. Initial arguments came from African prelates in Nigeria, Zambia, Cameroon, Malawi and other countries, but now Eastern European leaders have […]

Catholic bishops around the world push back on blessings for people in same-sex relationships

Catholic bishops in conservative countries have balked at a Vatican document allowing blessings for individuals in same-sex relationships. The Anglican Synod of African countries is among the prelates most vocally opposed to the implementation of the Fiducia Supplicant, a document authorizing pastoral blessings given to people in same-sex relationships under strict conditions. It is. “In […]

Franklin Graham Denounces Pope for Approving Blessings of Same-Sex Couples

Evangelist Franklin Graham criticized Pope Francis for allowing Catholic priests to bless same-sex couples. “So-called “blessings” from religious leaders will not save you from God’s judgment! “Pope Francis has authorized Catholic priests to 'bless' same-sex couples,” said Graham, CEO of Samaritan's Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. I have written Monday afternoon on Facebook. […]

Vatican Opening to Gay Blessings a ‘Huge Step Forward’

ROME — Pro-LGBT Catholics like Jesuit Father James Martin hailed the Vatican's decision to grant a blessing to gay couples as a “huge step forward.” Monday's Vatican declaration “will long remain in the memory of LGBTQ people.” write Father Martin, because this “opens the door for the first time to the formal blessing of same-sex […]