Blessings for Same-Sex Couples ‘Western Imperialism’

ROME — The Vatican’s decision to allow priests to bless same-sex couples is seen as imposing Western customs on Africa and a form of “cultural colonization,” a leading African cardinal said. .

On March 17th interview Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo, president of the Symposium of Bishops’ Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM), said in an interview with French-language Catholic television station KTO that African Catholics still believe that the Bible’s prohibition of homosexual acts is “an abomination.” said.

On December 18, 2023, the Vatican’s Doctrinal Secretariat published a declaration titled: Fiducia Supplican The measure, which would overturn a long-standing ban on blessing same-sex couples, sparked widespread opposition among African Catholics.

“The African continent has lived and experienced this document. Fiducia Supplican As cultural colonization, as a kind of Western imperialism in the cultural sphere,” said Cardinal Ambongo, a member of Pope Francis’ nine-advisor team.

“Practices that were considered normal in the West were being imposed on other peoples, and this explains the toxicity of Africa’s reaction,” the cardinal said, adding that “our people felt wounded in their faith.” It pointed out.

“It was a form of cultural imperialism and Africans saw what was behind it. Fiducia Supplican It is the will to impose Western customs on Africa,” he added.

Congolese Cardinal Fridlin Ambongo (R) parades before attending Mass for Peace in Goma, eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, on January 28, 2024. The Mass for Peace in the Great Lakes Region was organized by representatives of the Catholic Church in the DRC. In Rwanda and Burundi, Mr. Ambongo criticized the leaders of the three countries for inciting “division and war.” (Alexis Huguet/AFP via Getty Images)

“In Africa, homosexual acts are considered a Biblical aberration, an abomination,” he says. “How can something like that be celebrated? It’s not considered normal behavior.”

The cardinal also said he had the impression that the Western world was losing its roots and was in danger of “disappearing.”

“Western roots are the values ​​that the West brought to us during colonial times, and we believed in these values,” he said. “But we recognize that for the West today, these values ​​no longer exist. This leaves us perplexed and asks, ‘Where is the West going?'”

“We have the impression that Western countries are no longer willing to accept their own culture. Everything is being relativized, everything is being reconsidered, and that worries us.” he said.

“The Western world brought us the gospel of Jesus Christ, and today it feels like the Western world is starting to distance itself from the gospel,” he declared.