Make blocking traffic a federal crime

Across the country Monday, thousands of United States citizens were detained against their will by criminal protesters.  In Seattle and Chicago, travelers were blocked from entering the airport. In New York City, the Brooklyn Bridge was shut down. In Philadelphia, all of Center City came to a standstill. In San Francisco, commuters on the Golden […]

Fetterman tells anti-Israel protesters blocking traffic doesn’t help their cause: ‘It just makes you an a**hole’

Pennsylvania Democratic Sen. John Fetterman continued to show support for Israel on Tuesday after condemning and mocking pro-Palestinian demonstrators who had blocked traffic to call for a ceasefire. On Monday, demonstrators launched multiple demonstrations in the United States, blocking traffic and targeting businesses they accuse of supporting Israeli military operations against Hamas terrorists in the […]

Louisiana proposal pertaining to illegally blocking roadway

The Louisiana House of Representatives passed it A person who illegally obstructs a roadway has no cause of action against the driver who, fearing for his or her life or the life of his or her passengers, causes harm by using the force of his vehicle to escape from the person obstructing the roadway. Measures […]

Republicans unveil effort blocking Biden’s crackdown on oil, gas drilling

First appearance on Fox: A coalition of Republicans in the House and Senate will introduce legislation Thursday that would overturn President Biden’s environmental regulations targeting oil and gas drilling. The bill targets rules the Environmental Protection Agency finalized late last year to curb methane and other air pollutants produced by the fossil fuel sector. The […]

Israel Blocking More Food Than Other Aid In Famine-Hit Gaza: UN

Israel, on the other hand, maintains that the main problem lies in the distribution of UN aid within the Gaza Strip. (File) The United Nations said Tuesday that Israel is blocking a convoy carrying far more food aid than convoys carrying other types of aid in the Gaza Strip, where famine is looming. A spokesperson […]

Florida Child Helps Wrangle Alligator Caught Blocking Roadway

A young wrangler encountered an alligator blocking the Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway in Jacksonville, Florida, on Monday when he arrived on the scene. Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Officials I was demanded to News4JAX reported Tuesday that additional help came in when the alligator tried to hang out in the middle of the road. video footage […]


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