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Republicans, Dems Unite to Import More Foreign Workers for Blue-Collar Jobs

Republicans and Democrats on the House Appropriations Committee are united in their push to allow companies to import as many foreign workers with H-2B visas as possible into the U.S. to fill blue-collar jobs in construction, landscaping and other industries. Companies are already allowed to import 66,000 H-2B foreign visa workers annually to fill blue-collar, […]

California college has only one pro-Palestinian protester because city is blue-collar and conservative, political science prof says

As pro-Palestinian protesters disrupt universities across the country, one higher education institution in California was able to rally just one demonstrator to its cause. That’s because California State University, Bakersfield, is too blue-collar and too conservative, says a political science professor. “This is primarily a blue-collar school, and the students are more interested in getting […]

Biden To Oppose Foreign Acquisition Of US Steel In Bid To Sway Blue-Collar Voters

President Joe Biden plans to voice his opposition to a foreign takeover of iconic American company U.S. Steel on Thursday in an effort to win over blue-collar voters, according to the Associated Press. Japan’s Nippon Steel first announced in December that it would buy US Steel, the world’s fourth-largest steel producer, for about $14.9 billion, […]

Higher ed is facing a ‘giant reckoning’ as blue-collar jobs prevail, Mike Rowe warns

Mike Rowe, CEO of MikeRoweWorks Foundation, examines the challenges American families face when paying for child care and considering higher education. Skilled workers advocate Mike Rowe warns that US higher education faces a ‘huge reckoning’ as more families reevaluate their options when it comes to child care and degrees. did. “I believe there is a […]

Dan Campbell’s ‘blue-collar’ style making these Lions embraceable

The energy is unmistakable. In Detroit, the synergy between the city and the football team is real. The excitement surrounding the Lions' divisional playoff game against the Buccaneers on Sunday at Ford Field is as palpable as the price to get into the building is astronomical, with the cheapest walk-in rates hovering around $500 are […]

AI threatens blue-collar jobs, too

Carmine Di Sibio, global chairman of consulting firm Ernst & Young, joined Morning with Maria to discuss the US Treasury’s $1 trillion debt deluge and artificial intelligence. Generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) is permeating across industries and is seen as a major threat to many white-collar jobs, but rapid advances in technology in manufacturing are […]