Biden’s Bomb ‘Pause’ Will Cause Israeli Soldiers to Die in Booby-trapped Buildings

President Joe Biden’s decision to withhold bombs from Israel means more Israeli soldiers will die in booby-trapped buildings that would otherwise be destroyed from the air, according to Israeli military officials. It is said that it should be done. As Breitbart News reported, the Biden administration confirmed this week that it had withheld the 2,500 […]

Pentagon undecided on how to proceed with paused bomb shipment to Israel

Israeli tanks and fighter jets hit more targets in Rafah FOX News Senior Foreign Affairs Correspondent Greg Palcott reports on Israel’s operation in Rafah amid the humanitarian crisis and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s response to President Biden on the U.S. weapons withholding in a “special report.” ing. Shipments of two types of precision bombs to […]

Michigan man charged in alleged plot to bomb Satanic Temple

A Michigan man with explosives traveled to Massachusetts in 2023 and said he wanted to blow up a Salem building later known as the Satanic Temple, according to a federal indictment. Luke Terpstra was charged in western Michigan with two felonies: transportation of explosives and possession of unregistered explosives. “Manufacturing and transporting explosives with the […]

Why US Is Stopping Some Bomb Shipments To Israel

Israel denies targeting Palestinian civilians. (File) The Hague: The United States has halted shipments of weapons to Israel, including heavy bombs used by U.S. allies in operations against Hamas operatives in the Gaza Strip that have killed more than 34,000 Palestinians. The suspension comes as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues his military offensive on […]

Slovakia records 1,100 bomb threats in a day, launches terror probe

The perpetrator could be sentenced to life in prison. (representative) Bratislava: Schools, banks and other institutions in Slovakia received more than 1,100 bomb threats on Tuesday, prompting evacuations across the country and police said they had launched a terrorism investigation. “This act is being investigated as a particularly serious crime of terrorist attack,” Deputy Police […]