The White House’s open border policies could cost them the 2024 election

FOX News host Laura Ingraham offers her thoughts on Thursday’s dueling visit to the southern border between President Biden and former President Trump on “The Ingraham Angle.” Laura Ingraham: Bad, bad poll numbers. Very bad poll numbers. That’s why and the only reason the White House decided to: Finally sending Biden to the border After […]

‘We Have Done the Work’ on Border and GOP Got in the Way

On Thursday’s CNN News Central broadcast, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre responded to Republicans blaming President Joe Biden for Laken Riley’s death, saying, “We’re bankrupt.” “We have worked hard to ensure that our immigration system is addressed.” . Republicans are getting in the way. ” Co-host John Berman said, “One of the things that […]

‘To Let More People In?’: Judge Jeanine Snaps After Dem Panelist Says Biden Needs Congress To Solve Border Crisis

“The Five” co-host Judge Jeanine Pirro was furious Thursday after Jessica Tarloff argued that President Joe Biden needs bipartisan agreement to deal with illegal immigration. The Senate combined foreign aid and border security, negotiated by Republican Sen. James Lankford (Oklahoma), Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy (Connecticut), and independent Sen. Kirsten Ximena (Arizona). Failed to close a […]

Trump skewers ‘incompetent’ Biden, says Democrats ‘destroyed’ US-Mexico border

President Donald Trump on Thursday slammed President Biden for his handling of border security, calling him “incompetent” and blaming his administration for the immigration crisis. The former president toured the southern border in Eagle Pass, Texas, with Gov. Greg Abbott Thursday night, then spoke with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, saying the Biden administration’s policies have […]

Biden gives remarks during second visit to southern border: Watch live

President Biden launched an attack on former President Trump on Thursday, traveling to the border in Brownsville, Texas, as part of an effort to turn his political liability into a line of attack against Republicans. The Biden campaign has indicated that President Trump is lobbying Republicans to scrap a bipartisan proposal to shore up resources […]

Sean Hannity reacts to Biden’s southern border visit

FOX News host Sean Hannity withdraws President Biden’s visit to southern borderHannity. ” Sean Hannity: Biden reverses efforts to remove Donald Trump illegal immigration From the census. He signed an executive order strengthening DACA. He revoked President Trump’s domestic policy executive role. He halted construction of the border wall. He extended deportation protection to Liberians. […]

5 takeaways from dueling Trump, Biden southern border trips

President Biden and former President Trump dueled across the southern border on Thursday, meeting with local officials at the same time and speaking in quick succession afterwards. The split-screen moment between Biden and Trump, hours apart, offers the clearest preview yet of how the two countries will address the issue of immigration and compete on […]


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