East Village locals rally together over closing of dog café Boris & Horton

When New York City’s first dog cafe, Boris & Horton, announced it would close its East Village and Williamsburg locations on Monday, February 26th, owner Logan Mikley said he was at a loss. “It’s been a roller coaster. I don’t think I’ve ever been more depressed or disappointed in myself when they announced we were […]

Tucker Carlson Claims Boris Demanded One Million Dollars for Interview

Tucker Carlson has claimed that Boris Johnson demanded $1 million for an interview after he accused an American journalist who interviewed President Vladimir Putin of being a “stooge”. Tucker Carlson claimed on Tuesday that he spoke to The Blades’ Glenn Beck and told him that Boris Johnson’s team would give him an interview if they […]

Putin Claims Boris Johnson Torpedoed Ukraine Peace in Tucker Interview

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told Ukraine early in the war to abandon ongoing peace talks, a claim Ukraine has previously denied. Ta. Broadcaster Tucker Carlson sat down with Russian dictator Putin this week in an interview that aired Thursday night. This was the first Western journalist […]

Defense Minister Boris Pistorius warned that Germany is not “war ready”

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Russia-Ukraine War, Writer Boris Akunin Declared Terrorist By Russia

The terrorists declared me a terrorist, Boris Akunin wrote on Facebook. (File) Moscow, Russia: Russia on Monday added Boris Akunin, a writer who has been speaking out of exile against Russian military operations in Ukraine, to a list of people identified as terrorists or extremists. Since the Kremlin ordered Russian troops to march on Kiev […]