Elon Musk Debuts ‘Rebellious’ Grok AI Bot To Challenge ChatGPT

Grok is developed using data from Elon Musk’s X Elon Musk has unveiled his own artificial intelligence bot to challenge ChatGPT, claiming that the prototype already outperforms ChatGPT 3.5 on several benchmarks. Called Grok, it is Musk’s xAI company’s first product and is currently being tested with a limited group of users in the United […]

Artificial Intelligence bot made an insider trade, then lied about it during simulation

In a troubling development, artificial intelligence bots on OpenAI’s GPT-4 large-scale language model were presented with factual scenarios that led them to commit illegal insider trading despite being told it was illegal. Ta. Perhaps even more problematic is that the bot lied about what it had done when asked about its actions. According to a […]

Fox News AI Newsletter: Meta admits to using Facebook and Instagram posts to train its new AI bot

close video Lawmakers and technology experts warn of potential dangers of artificial intelligence Kara Frederick, director of technology at the Heritage Foundation, talks about the need for regulation around artificial intelligence as lawmakers and tech giants debate the potential risks. Welcome to Fox News’ Artificial Intelligence Newsletter, featuring the latest advancements in AI technology. Subscribe […]

China’s Baidu Launches ChatGPT Rival ERNIE Bot As AI Race Heats Up

Beijing: China’s Baidu on Thursday unveiled ChatGPT rival ERNIE Bot to the public, a giant leap for the country’s tech industry looking to cash in on the artificial intelligence gold rush. The Chinese government introduced new regulations for AI developers this month, aimed at allowing them to remain in competition with the likes of ChatGPT […]

Snapchat’s AI bot posts photo on its own, causes privacy scare

Snapchat’s artificial intelligence feature, “My AI,” went rogue on Tuesday, surprising users by automatically posting photos to their Stories who thought the tech tool was just a chatbot. “Did Snapchat Ai just add a photo of my wall or ceiling to his Snapchat story?” asked a user named Matt Esparza in a tweet Earlier this […]

Snapchat users alarmed, express horror after ‘My AI’ bot posts its own photo

The Vitamin Shoppe CEO Lee Wright shares highlights from the company’s 2023 health and wellness trends report, “Mornings with Maria.” Several Snapchat users expressed confusion and even fear Tuesday evening after an artificial intelligence feature on the platform posted its own stories and then stopped responding to users for its intended purpose. My AI (a […]

FACT CHECK: Did A Twitter Bot Account Pose As A Former Biden Campaign Worker?

post shared on twitter It claims to be an artificial intelligence (AI) Twitterbot account masquerading as a former employee of President Biden’s campaign. This so-called “Erica Marsh” verified account is a fake AI bot account of someone who claims to have worked with the Obama campaign and is reposted by the right wing to say […]

OpenAI forces shutdown of conservative ChatGPT-powered AI bot, creator claims

DataGrade founder Joe Toscano and MRC Free Speech America vice president Dan Schneider said ChatGPT poses a number of dangers to work and information. The team that released a modified version of OpenAI’s ChatGPT artificial intelligence chatbot, which provides answers from a conservative point of view, believes that OpenAI has forced the bot to shut […]