Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta Sues FTC Demanding the Right to Monetize Data of Children

Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta (formerly Facebook) has filed a lawsuit with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) challenging new regulations aimed at limiting how the company monetizes children’s data across its platforms. filed a lawsuit against. Engadget report A recent lawsuit filed by Meta (formerly Facebook) on November 30, 2023 marks a pivotal moment in ongoing tensions […]

Children of Conservative Parents Have Better Mental Health

Children of conservative parents are more likely to have better mental health than children of liberal parents, according to a new research brief from the Institute for Family Studies (IFS) and Gallup. published Thursday. “As it happens, being raised by liberal parents has a much greater risk factor for adolescent mental health problems than growing […]

Newly Arrived Migrant Accused of Beating Wife, Children

A Honduran national who recently arrived in the United States via the southern border is accused of assaulting his wife and child in the sanctuary state of Illinois. Walter Sanchez Baquedano, 24, recently arrived in Illinois after crossing the border with his wife and two children. On October 28, Waukegan Police Department answered A call […]

Mars Inc, Candy Conglomerate Uses Cocoa Harvested By Children As Young As 5-Years-Old

Mars Bar seen in Sydney, Australia on July 1, 2005. Food manufacturer Master Foods has announced that Snickers and Mars bars have been discontinued in the Australian state of New South Wales due to contamination threats. (Photo illustration: John Pryke/Getty Images) OAN’s Elizabeth Bolbelding11:40pm – Thursday, November 30, 2023 Five-year-old children in Ghana have been […]

New Respiratory Virus in China among Children

A respiratory virus is rapidly increasing in northern China, primarily affecting children. according to france 24China’s National Health Commission reported on November 13 that respiratory diseases among children have increased significantly. Meanwhile, authorities note that the increase is related to the end of COVID-19 restrictions, the onset of the cold season, and the circulation of […]