Colorado police find child’s concrete-encased remains inside storage unit

A child’s body was found wrapped in concrete in a storage facility in Colorado, and Pueblo police said this week they would check on two other children as part of the murder investigation. Police said Wednesday that the body was discovered on Jan. 10 when someone discovered a metal container inside a storage unit filled […]

The Deadspin Writer Trying To Ruin A Child’s Life Is Even Crazier Than You Thought

Deadspin senior writer Caron Phillips, who is trying to ruin a child’s life, has repeatedly hurled baseless accusations of racism. Mr. Phillips spread the news with misleading content. Blame A young boy wore blackface at the Chiefs-Raiders game in Las Vegas on Sunday, even though the other half of his face was covered in red […]

Arabic copy of Adolf Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ found inside child’s room in Gaza

An Arabic translation of Adolf Hitler’s manifesto “Mein Kampf” has been found in a child’s room at a Hamas terrorist base in the Gaza Strip, Israeli authorities have reported. The Nazi leader’s 1925 autobiography, which outlined his perilous journey into anti-Semitism and the genocide of millions of Jews and other minorities during the Holocaust, includes […]

IDF Discovers Hamas Tunnel Under Child’s Bed in Gaza

Israeli forces are currently trying to locate and destroy all possible Hamas tunnels in the Gaza Strip. This includes one found under a child’s bed. era of israel report: This week, shortly after The Times of Israel arrived deep in the northern Gaza Strip, troops from the Israel Defense Forces’ combat engineering unit discovered an […]


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