‘Jesus was a carpenter’: Pop singer unrepentant over racy video shot in Catholic church. Priest who OK’d shoot is punished.

Pop singer Sabrina Carpenter seemed unfazed by the controversy surrounding her racy comments. “Feather” music video Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Brooklyn – Partially photographed inside the Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. talk about variety “We had pre-approvals, and Jesus was a carpenter.” What are the details? Carpenter, 24, rose […]

Intoxicated Radicals Attack a Small Neighborhood Church in Pakistan

Recently, extremist neighbors attacked the church of a small Christian community near Karachi, Pakistan, putting the lives of the pastor, his family, and his congregation at risk. On October 24, 2023, a group of mostly fruit and vegetable sellers with extremist ideology targeted a church during a church service. One of the vendors arrived at […]

Fire at Worship Building in Pakistan Set by Church Leader

lahore, PakistanNovember 20, 2023 (morning star news) Christians in Pakistan’s Lahore were shocked to learn on Saturday (November 18) that a church elder had confessed to setting fire to a worship facility after initially blaming an Islamic extremist group, sources said. Told. Reverend Samuel Massey, pastor of Lahore’s Gulberg Presbyterian Church, said police confronted the […]

Mormon Leaders Accused Of Concealing Widespread Sexual Abuse And Incest Within The Church

Accusations have surfaced against Mormon church leaders of covering up a widespread sexual abuse crisis, according to a report published by the Daily Mail Sunday. These allegations were brought to light by the victims and corroborated by an organization. report From Daily Mail. The revelations include testimonies from girls who were severely abused, encouraged to […]

Arson Suspected in Church Fire in Pakistan

lahore, PakistanNovember 17, 2023(morning star news) A church building was set on fire in Lahore, Pakistan, on Thursday (November 16), one month after the pastor received a letter threatening his congregation for being too loud during worship, sources said. Pastor Samuel Massey of Lahore’s Gulberg Presbyterian Church said the fire destroyed the church’s altar, a […]