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Pentagon admits 2023 airstrike killed civilian, not al Qaeda leader

This was discovered by the U.S. military during an internal investigation.Misidentified Al Qaeda target and civilian Mr. Lufti Hasan Mast. (Mast) was instead struck and killed,” according to a statement from U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) regarding the findings. The investigation also concluded that the attack was “conducted in accordance with the laws of armed conflict […]

US admits to killing civilian it misidentified as al Qaeda target

U.S. Central Command acknowledged on Thursday that troops targeted and killed a Syrian civilian who had been “misidentified” as an al Qaeda target a year ago. U.S. forces carried out the strike in northwest Syria on May 3, 2023, and shortly thereafter, there were reports that the individual who had been killed was a civilian, […]

How Israel can secure Rafah without devastating the civilian population

The Biden administration wants Israel to agree to multiple weeks of ceasefire with Hamas. It hopes that this will buy time to build political pressure on Israel to bring to an end its offensive against the terrorist group. Biden wants the war done because of three factors: Palestinian civilian casualties, associated diplomatic pressure on the […]

Hezbollah Says It Fired Dozens Of Rockets At Israel After Civilian Deaths

The Hezbollah group and Israel have been engaged in regular gun battles in southern Lebanon since October. Beirut: Lebanon’s Iranian-backed group Hezbollah said on Tuesday it had fired dozens of rockets into northern Israel after an Israeli attack in southern Lebanon killed two civilians. The Iranian-backed Hezbollah group and Israel have engaged in regular gun […]

Biden Awards ‘Highest Civilian Honor’ to Ally Rep. Mike Gallagher

President Joe Biden’s Secretary of the Navy awarded the medal to the soon-to-be former congressman. The highest civilian honor was bestowed on Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.) on Wednesday, after Gallagher delayed his resignation date long enough to protect Biden’s top priorities. This was just a few days before he resigned from Congress. “Today, the Secretary of […]

US Support Depends On Gaza Civilian Protection: Biden Warns Netanyahu

In a phone call with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Biden called for an “immediate ceasefire” in Gaza. Washington: President Joe Biden on Thursday gave his strongest indication yet of possible terms on military aid after an Israeli attack killed seven aid workers, saying that U.S. policy toward Israel would be far more important than civilians […]

Biden Uses Aid Tragedy to Blame Israel for Civilian Deaths; Hamas Off the Hook

President Joe Biden issued a statement late on Tuesday after an Israeli airstrike accidentally killed seven aid workers in the Gaza Strip, blaming Israel for problems with aid distribution and saying Israel was not targeting civilians. They argued that not enough efforts were being made to protect them. Biden’s statement barely mentioned Hamas, nor did […]