Joy Behar Mocked Hard After Claiming Trump Will Cancel ‘The View’ if Elected

Joy Behar saw a surge in online trolls after she shared her fantasy that President Trump would cancel her ABC show. scenery If elected in November. As reported by Breitbart News, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow stoked conspiratorial fears during an appearance on The View this week, saying “no one will be safe” if Trump wins, and […]

Kansas sues Pfizer for claiming its vaccine was ‘safe and effective’

Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach, a Republican, announced Monday that the state will sue Pfizer for making “misleading claims about the COVID vaccine.” Kovach I got it. “Pfizer made multiple misleading statements to deceive the American people about the vaccine at a time when they needed the truth,” he said at a news conference in […]

Gavin Newsom Gets Called Out for Claiming CA National Guard at Border

California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) came under fire Thursday from journalists who disputed his claim that the California National Guard is stopping fentanyl and other illegal drugs at the border with Mexico. Newsom claimed that California’s Democratic-run state government is actually guarding the border while Republicans are “playing games,” and posted a video of himself […]

Google Reinstates PragerU App After Claiming It Promoted ‘Hate Speech’

PragerU announced that its app has been reinstated to the Google Play Store, hours after Google removed it for promoting “hate speech.” The organization, known as Prager University, post X writes that after a second review, Google “reinstated the PragerU app on the Google Play Store.” As reported by Breitbart News, PragerU posted screenshots of […]

Biden White House Still Falsely Claiming Guns ‘Number One Killer of Children’

On Wednesday, the Biden administration posted the demonstrably false claim that “guns are the leading cause of death of children.” The White House posted: Guns are the number one cause of death among children in America. Our Administration will continue to do all we can to end gun violence and save lives. — The […]