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Ex-ESPNer Jemele Hill among others quick to blame color for Caitlin Clark popularity

Perhaps the greatest danger of living on a one-way street is the conditioned reflex to only look in one direction. This limited perspective has brought our leisure sports, like everything else around here, to the brink of loathing. Consider the many contemporary social activists and their naïve supporters who hold fast to their rash beliefs […]

Idris Elba Helps Uncover WWII Soldiers of Color Who Never Got Their Due

NEW YORK (AP) — One of Idris Elba’s grandfathers fought in World War II, but he doesn’t know what he suffered. There are no photos or stories. “That part of my family history has been somewhat erased,” Elba says. That led to the actor narrating and executive producing the four-part series. National Geographic documentary series […]

ALL 7 conditions for a color revolution are met in America

For a color revolution to topple a government, seven conditions must be met, all of which must revolve around national elections. The timing couldn’t be better, as America heads into one of the most tumultuous and crucial elections of our lifetimes. Glenn BeckCurrently, all seven criteria are met. The first condition is “semi-dictatorship.” “We’re not […]

This is the color everyone will be wearing this summer

A 2024 couture masterpiece. From Hollywood to TikTok, trendsetters Stir She showed off some of the most delicious looks of the year, stealing the show in mouthwatering hot hues and wearing the shades of the sunny season. “The color of summer is [butter] yellow,” Announcing NYC Style Influencers Isabel Michelle took part in the cyber […]

Increasing defections are puncturing the voters of color myth

The Democratic Party’s declining support among Hispanic, Black, and Asian American voters is exploding among progressives. Shouldn’t voters of color be a strong pillar of a party’s base? Obviously not. 538According to statistician Nate Silver, the Democratic Party “Bleeding” support Among non-white voters. This is the main reason President Biden is trailing President Donald Trump […]

Israel Faces ‘Color Revolution’ as Opposition Protests, Gantz Wants New Elections

Israel faces the possibility of a US-backed “color revolution” amid its war against Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip, as rebels support street protests against the government, and major Ministers are calling for new elections. A “color revolution” is a mass protest movement targeted at an existing government, elected or unelected, with support from the […]

Biden steps up efforts to reach voters of color

President Biden’s campaign is stepping up efforts to appeal to voters of color ahead of his November showdown with former President Donald Trump, amid signs that some Black and Latino voters are turning away from the Democratic Party. party. President Biden’s campaign launched an ad last week that spoke directly to Black voters in battleground […]