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Democratic rep says 'all viable options' should be considered for 2024 ticket

Rep. Seth Moulton, D-Massachusetts, said Wednesday that Democrats should consider “all viable options” as they consider their next steps amid concerns about President Biden’s status as the party’s presumptive nominee. “Doubling down when the current strategy isn’t working is not the right decision. President Biden is not getting any younger,” the moderate Democrat said. wrote […]

‘Staring at What Can Only Be Considered Ghosts’

Comedian Jon Stewart poked fun at President Joe Biden’s breakdown at the recent G7 meeting, saying “President Biden appeared to be staring at what I could only assume were ghosts or off-screen paratroopers.” Monday on Comedy Central The Daily ShowJon Stewart played a viral video of Biden wandering around alone at the G7 summit while […]

Trump says Nikki Haley not being considered for running mate

Former President Donald Trump, the 2024 Republican presidential candidate, has said that Nikki Haley is not being considered as a running mate. “Nikki Haley is not being considered for vice president, but I wish her the best!” President Trump declared on Saturday. post In true social. “This is not presidential wood.” Haley is provided Trump, […]