Russia Launches Coordinated Assault on Ukraine’s Energy Infrastructure

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) – Russia carried out one of the most devastating attacks on Ukraine’s power sector on Friday. The airstrike was in retaliation for recent attacks inside Russia, and comes days after President Vladimir Putin hardened his stance and announced a possible sign of an escalation of the war. his seizure of power in […]

Globalist Demands Worldwide ‘Coordinated System of Carbon Taxes’

climate change Saudi Arabia's Finance Minister Mohammed al-Jadaan declared at this week's World Economic Forum meeting that an international carbon tax can only be fully realized if it is implemented on the world's population. inside panel discussion Addressing the World Economic Outlook on Friday at the WEF's annual general meeting in the Swiss ski resort […]

Fulton County Prosecutors Coordinated With Jan. 6 Committee Before Indicting Trump

According to Politico, House Select Committee staff met with Fulton County prosecutors on January 6th and gave them permission to consider certain evidence related to Georgia while investigating President Donald Trump. Recent motion Trump's co-defendants, who are seeking to disqualify District Attorney Fannie Willis and dismiss the case, include a complaint with the commission about […]

Biden admin ramps up ‘coordinated’ attack against Christian university, sues school for alleged ‘deceptive advertising’

The Biden administration recently stepped up its “coordinated” attacks on the nation's largest Christian universities. announce a lawsuit The school accuses the school of “deceptive advertising and illegal telemarketing.” In October, the Biden administration's Department of Education Announces $37.7 million fine A lawsuit filed against Arizona-based Grand Canyon University alleges that the university “defrauded thousands […]

Turkey Arrests 304 Suspected ISIS Sympathisers in Coordinated Raids

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) – Turkish security forces have arrested 304 people suspected of being affiliated with the Islamic State group in a sweep across Turkey, the interior minister announced Friday. Ali Yerlikaya said the suspects were detained in 32 provinces, but the majority were in Turkey's three largest cities: Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. The operation, […]