Pharmacy benefit managers caught in crosshairs of battle to reduce drug costs

As experts and lawmakers seek to reduce prescription drug costs in the United States, some are turning to the pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), the organizations that negotiate drug prices with insurance companies. Many patient advocates and industry experts see them as middlemen, only adding to the complexity and cost of the pharmaceutical industry. “There are […]

Americans most concerned about food costs: survey

Amid lingering inflation, many Americans are more concerned about food costs than any other expense, according to a new poll. A Quinnipiac University poll on Thursday found that 22% of American respondents said they spend Biggest personal financial concern. Retirement savings came in second at 18%, medical expenses at 17%, and mortgage or rent payments […]

Yes, it is remote workers who spiked housing, rent costs

Denver (KDVR) — one study found that if you’re unhappy with your housing costs, you can offload half of it to your remote workers. Directly or indirectly, COVID pandemic policies have resulted in the worst US inflation in 40 years, especially for housing. Housing costs have never been higher and burdensome for both renters and […]

GOP-Aligned Group Urging Dems to Support Lowering Energy Costs

The American Action Network (AAN), a non-profit advocacy group with close ties to House Republican leadership, launched the first major issue advocacy campaign to encourage members of Congress to support cutting energy costs. started the stage. The group’s efforts include $1.5 million in broadcast, cable, and digital advertising. Targets her 12 members of Congress and […]

The president’s skinny budget is heavy with costs  

President Joe Biden Fiscal year (fiscal year) 2024 budget, a summary memo of the document claimed it would reduce the deficit “by almost $3 trillion over the next decade.” The $6.9 trillion budget has been dubbed the “skinny budget,” but it lacks a key element that every president other than Joe Biden has included in […]

Core Consumer Inflation Accelerates, Pushed Up By Rising Housing Costs

Consumer prices rose at a slightly slower pace in February than in January, according to US government data. The Labor Department’s consumer price index rose 0.4% in Feb, in line with expectations from the 0.5% rise seen in January. Compared to a year ago, consumer prices are up his 6%, lower than the 6.4% 12-month […]

Startups Struggle to Meet ‘Massive’ Costs of AI

As startups race to integrate AI into their products, they face major obstacles. It’s the skyrocketing costs caused by the enormous computational power required to process AI queries. CNBC reports on a startup, video game company Latitude. Latitude found itself paying hundreds of thousands of dollars a month to process millions of AI requests from […]

Illegal Imigration Costs American Health System at least $23 Billion

Illegal immigration puts a huge strain on America’s healthcare system, costing taxpayers and hospitals at least $23 billion each year. Uncompensated hospital costs for illegal immigrants cost a whopping $8,153,000,000. report From the Federation of American Immigration Reform (FAIR) found. The figure is based on “recent estimates of the number of illegal immigrants,” and states […]

GM offers salaried workers voluntary buyouts — to reduce ‘structured costs’

On Thursday, General Motors announced that it will offer most of it. Opportunity for voluntary takeovers for salaried workers This includes up to 12 months of retirement benefits. Detroit automaker layoff plan expands ‘voluntary retirement program’ to everyone US office worker At least 5 years of service, with all Global Executives at least 2 years […]