Prices at the pump dropped four cents this week due to low oil costs

Gasoline prices remained low due to a slight increase in demand. (iStock) Gasoline prices continued to fall, dropping 4 cents to $3.60 per gallon. AAA Weekly Price Report found. This week’s average is still 7 cents higher than this time last year. Weak driver demand led to lower gasoline prices. Demand rose slightly to 8.87 […]

Interest costs on the national debt just surpassed spending on defense, Medicare

Brenda O’Connor Juanas, SVP of UBS Wealth Management, and John Wronski, Founder of Wronski Group, discuss earnings season and provide market outlook for 2024 on Morning with Maria. interest payments Rising national debt It just exceeds spending on defense and Medicare, worrying policy experts who warn that this could undermine the stability of the U.S. […]

California Legislature Rejects ‘Medicare for All’ — Again — Over Costs, Deficit

California’s Democratic-controlled Legislature has proposed creating a single-payer health care system, or socialized medicine, called “Medicare for All,” citing high costs amid a budget deficit. was rejected again. The idea of ​​a government-run, publicly funded health care system has seduced left-wing Democrats for decades. In 2016 and 2020, it became a focal point of socialist […]

Homeowners insurance costs rising amid mounting weather-related losses, inflation: report

Condominium Global host and FOX News real estate contributor Katrina Campins weighs in on February housing statistics and NAR’s proposed new commission rules. A new Moody’s report says homeowners are struggling with higher premiums as companies that offer homeowners insurance seek to mitigate rising losses from weather-related incidents and inflation that are hurting profits. They […]

Race-based, higher ed funding formula advocates want state to cover student costs

(The Center Square) – A new, more “equitable” higher education funding formula being discussed at the Illinois statehouse would transfer student costs such as tuition to taxpayers. “Equitable funding formula for higher education” was the subject matter of a hearing in Springfield of the Illinois House Appropriation-Higher Education Committee. The proposed new formula for the […]

Home insurance premiums soar 55% – here’s how you can mitigate rising costs

Homeowners can take steps to reduce rising insurance premiums. (iStock) Homeowner’s insurance premiums have risen 55% over the past four years as losses widen and insurers struggle to recover costs, according to a recent report. In 2023 alone, insurance rates increased by 19%. report Said. Prices are expected to continue rising as the frequency of […]

Illegal Migration Costs UK Taxpayer £14 Billion Per Year in Public Services

Illegal immigration costs British taxpayers at least £14 billion a year in public services alone, poses an “existential” risk to the country and depletes desperately needed limited resources. , said a former cabinet minister. Dame Andrea Jenkins, vice-chair of the European Research Group (ERG) and skills minister under short-term chancellor Liz Truss, told colleagues this […]

Migration Drives Up Housing Costs in 13 Countries

According to pro-immigration business magazine Bloomberg, immigrants are contributing to rising per capita poverty in many developed countries, primarily due to rising housing costs. “Now, 13 economic zones. [with high immigration] Per capita rate for all developed countries [per-person] According to an independent analysis by Bloomberg Economics, the economy was in recession at the end […]