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Florida double murderer goes viral for ‘smug, soulless’ courtroom demeanor

A Florida jury this week recommended the death penalty for a man convicted of murdering two women in 2019. Wade Wilson was convicted of strangling Christine Melton as she slept the morning after meeting her in a bar, and of beating, strangling and running over Diane Lewis after meeting her on the street the same […]

Victim’s mom flees courtroom as neo-Nazi killer details grisly 2018 murder

The heartbroken mother of a University of Pennsylvania student allegedly murdered by a neo-Nazi fled a courtroom this week as the suspect detailed the horrific crime. Blaze Bernstein, 19, was reported missing on January 2, 2018 while on winter break in California. His body was found eight days later in Borrego Park, Orange County. Appearing […]

Inside the courtroom: Trump becomes first convicted US president

NEW YORK — “We the jury have reached a verdict.” After countless allegations and a seven-week trial in which 22 witnesses took the stand, Trump can no longer escape his fate. A 12-member jury in New York delivered a verdict that shocked the political world on Thursday: They found Trump guilty of all charges in […]

Democrats Want to ‘Beat Trump in the Courtroom,’ Not Ballot Box

Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Thursday denounced the “guilty” verdict against former President Donald Trump, saying Democrats want to defeat him in court, not at the polls. “The Democrats’ strategy is to defeat President Trump in the courts rather than at the ballot box. This will backfire in November. Worse, it is deeply […]