Trump relishes in return to Time magazine cover and lays out second-term agenda

In an exclusive interview with Time magazine, former President Donald Trump laid out an ambitious plan for the White House should he win his reelection campaign against President Joe Biden. The Time cover, on which the former president has appeared more than 35 times, is a crown jewel for Trump, who has coveted the magazine […]

How David Pecker strong-armed Tiger Woods into Men’s Fitness cover

Tiger Woods was caught having sex with his mistress Mindy Lawton in an Escalade in 2007, years before his affair became public. But the solution to stopping this information from leaking came from a most unlikely source: David Pecker, head of the National Enquirer. On Thursday, on stage at Donald Trump’s hush-money trial, Mr. Pecker […]

Terrorists declare support for anti-Israel student protesters while the Associated Press gives them nominal cover

Anti-Israel radicals across the United States have occupied several college campuses, where they have set up pro-Hamas encampments, attacked police, demanded foreign policy, and parroted genocidal rhetoric. Their efforts to show solidarity with the Islamic terrorist group that massacred thousands of Israelis and dozens of Americans in October (the same terrorist group that has since […]

William Shatner Under Fire for ‘AI-Generated’ Album Cover

Living legend William Shatner has released a copy of his new album Sunday. Where Animals Sleep: Songs for Children and Other Creatures. Soon, he found himself under fire on social media for using what people thought was his AI-generated art on the cover. You can pre-order my new children’s album on Amazon. — […]

FACT CHECK: No, Ali Khamenei Did Not Appear On Forbes Cover

image shared on facebook Iran’s Supreme Commander Ali Khamenei has appeared on the cover of Forbes magazine. Verdict: False There is no evidence that Khamenei has appeared on the cover of Forbes magazine. Fact check: Israel attacked Iran on April 19, but refrained from a major attack to avoid a major war between the two […]

Megyn Kelly rips Beyoncé’s cover of Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’

Megyn Kelly doesn’t single out her cover version of Beyoncé’s hit “Jolene,” calling it a “bass-driven” version of the pop star’s feminist spin on Dolly Parton’s 1973 country original. Ta. “Queen Bey got this song. God forbid she sings something that makes her look like she’s not flexing her muscles to the max.” Mr Kelly […]