People ‘Getting Ahead’ But They ‘Remember’ ‘Prices Were Lower’ and COVID Hurt

In an interview that aired on “PBS NewsHour” Wednesday, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen responded to a question about Americans’ economic pessimism, saying, “The pandemic has had a very significant and lasting impact on their lifestyles and attitudes. It made an impact.” And even though people are “getting ahead in the ranks,” “some things that are […]

Audience erupts in applause when Dr. Phil schools ‘The View’ hosts about COVID lockdowns and school children: ‘That’s a fact’

Dr. Phil McGraw educated “The View” hosts on Monday about the harm coronavirus lockdowns have caused to schoolchildren and teens. while discussing his upcoming bookDr. Phil attributes the advent of smartphones to high levels of “depression” among children and teens, as users “stop living their lives and start watching people live their lives.” , anxiety, […]

‘The View’ Co-Hosts Try To Push Back On Dr. Phil’s Stance On COVID School Lockdowns

“The View” co-hosts on Monday sought to push back against Dr. Phil McGraw, who said children have been hit harder by the COVID-19 lockdowns than the virus itself. McGraw answered questions about his new work. Book“We’ve Got Issues: How You Stand Strong For America’s Soul and Sanity” supports school closures due to COVID-19 despite knowledge […]

Top Medicines the Government Tried to Restrict During COVID (And How to Have Them on Hand)

The following content is The Wellness Company. Remember when the government tried to deny us access to life-saving medicines during the 2020 pandemic? Even the most prepared Americans found themselves and their families lacking critical medical supplies needed to protect themselves. We now face a very uncertain future as mRNA biotechnology prepares to be introduced. […]

Death rates surged for renters facing eviction during COVID

The rent is too high. And according to new research, it can also be deadly. In fact, a new study found that housing insecurity increased mortality rates among renters during the first two years of the coronavirus pandemic. The threat of eviction is always stressful, but for tenants who have had to deal with the […]

VAERS chart shows a shocking result about Covid vaccine

For a long time, anyone who dared to challenge the effectiveness of coronavirus vaccines, including medical professionals and scientists, was censored, silenced, and banished to the realm of rabid anti-vaxxers. But now, as more and more evidence emerges about the reality of the rapidly developed coronavirus vaccines, the tide is turning. The same companies that […]

Global study details potential COVID vaccine side effects

is more than 13.5 billion doses Over the past three years, 500 coronavirus vaccines have been administered around the world. A study published in the journal Vaccine found that small percentage Of the 99 million people vaccinated in the eight countries included in the analysis, those who have experienced higher risk of adverse events. This […]

New Study Links COVID Vaccines To Slight Increases In Heart, Brain, Blood Disorders

(Photo by Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images) OAN’s James Myers8:48am – Tuesday, February 20, 2024 The largest vaccine study to date shows that coronavirus vaccines from companies including Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca are linked to rare heart, brain and blood disorders. advertisement This study Global Vaccine Data NetworkAccording to an analysis of 99 million people in eight […]


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