German police crack down on ATM attacks

They are literally breaking the bank. German police have arrested 42 people suspected of blowing up an ATM cash machine. The Washington Post reported. The detention was part of a crackdown on thieves destroying machines to steal cash. This is the kind of vandalism that has plagued the country in recent years. The detentions were […]

Biden urges Congress to crack down on failed bank executives

President Biden on Friday asked Congress to authorize the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to punish executives in charge of failing banks that need federal assistance. In a request to Congress on Friday, the president said the FDIC should have more power to recoup executive pay, impose fines and bar future employment in the banking […]

San Francisco becomes latest Democratic city to crack down on gas appliances

San Francisco regulators have advanced regulations banning future sales of certain goods. natural gas powered appliances As part of the Democratic-led urban climate agenda. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District, which oversees air pollution and emissions regulations in nine counties surrounding San Francisco, announced Wednesday night amendments to regulations related to eliminating nitrogen oxide […]

Disney’s ‘The Mandalorian’ Star Pedro Pascal Posts Transgender Flag Photos as States Crack Down On Child Sex Change Operations, Medications

HBO’s Last of Us and Disney’s mandalorian Star Pedro Pascal showed his support for the transgender community by posting a photo of a rainbow and a transgender flag to his Instagram account on Sunday. The state has strict regulations on children’s gender reassignment surgery, medication, and grooming at school. “Answer my friend blowing in the […]

Drew Barrymore Reveals Why She Wears Granny Panties: “Nothing Going up the Crack”

It’s been a minute since Drew Barrymore last spoke about his love of big underwear, skim shapewear, or whatever.and in today’s episode The Drew Barrymore Show, The actress-turned-talk-show host thanked Grandma for her panties and continued the conversation. On the topic of Drew’s News, Barrymore and Ross Mathews talked about the latest runway trend: granny […]

South Dakota lawmakers move to crack down on Chinese land buys

South Dakota legislators are pushing a number of bills to curb China’s influence in South Dakota’s farmlands amid growing concerns among Republican leaders after a reconnaissance balloon was spotted and shot down last week. Republican Rep. Will Mortenson on Thursday proposed investigating partnerships between landowners and foreign entities. He spent a week as other lawmakers […]