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Biden’s mental decline puts our country in grave danger

Joe Biden’s debate performance is no longer about politics. It is about the critical situation of our national security. This is the weakest showing ever by our president. I have never seen a more weak and incompetent US president in my lifetime. If I were Vladimir Putin, I would storm Europe. If I were Xi […]

Country in ‘clear and present DANGER’ after last debate

The CNN presidential debate between President Biden and former President Trump was worse than anyone could have imagined. “I saw something last night that I’ve never seen before.” Glenn Beck A comment of horror: “This country just keeps getting weirder.” The moment Biden opened his mouth and Jake Tapper asked his first question about inflation, […]

US Says Julian Assange, Now Free, Had Put People In Danger

Julian Assange has published hundreds of thousands of secret US documents. Washington: The US State Department on Wednesday renewed allegations that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange put people at risk by leaking secrets after he was released in a plea deal. “The documents they released contained identities of individuals who had contact with the State Department, […]

Pizza Hut shuts down 15 locations with 120 others in danger

Pizza Hut has abruptly closed 15 restaurants across the Midwest after getting locked in a bitter legal battle with franchisees, with more than 120 more at risk of closure. EYM Group, which owns and operates 142 Pizza Hut restaurants in Illinois, Indiana, Georgia, South Carolina and Wisconsin, is accused of failing to make millions of […]

Attacking Fauci’s Credibility Is a Danger to Him and America

On CNN’s “The Situation Room” on Monday, Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.) argued that publicly attacking Dr. Anthony Fauci’s credibility puts him at risk and is “a threat to this country.” “So, Congressman, did Republicans put Dr. Fauci further at risk today by publicly attacking his credibility?” host Wolf Blitzer asked. Dingell responded: “I believe they […]

Slovak PM’s Life No Longer In Danger After Shooting, Says Minister

Robert Fico took office in October after his centrist populist Smer party won a general election. (File) Bratislava: Deputy Prime Minister Robert Kalinac said on Sunday that Slovakia’s Prime Minister Roberto Fico’s life was no longer in danger following an assassination attempt. Robert Fico has been hospitalized since Wednesday when he was shot four times, […]

Slovak PM Robert Fico’s “Life In Danger” After Assassination Attempt

The Slovak minister said the prime minister was in serious condition and his life was in danger. Banska Bystrica: Slovakia’s Prime Minister Roberto Fico fought for his life on an operating table Wednesday after being shot multiple times in what the government called a “political assault.” Surgeons spent hours fighting to save the 59-year-old populist […]

UK PM Sez Most Danger Since Cold War

The British Prime Minister bluntly accused China and other “axis of authoritarian states” groups, including Russia, of undermining Western security and values. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s stump speech on Monday morning may have featured his toughest words yet against communist China, which the British government has repeatedly refused to name as the wrongdoer. . […]