Partisan Democrats and MAGA Republicans have enabled the dangerous Trump-Putin collaboration 

Supporters of both Donald Trump and Joe Biden celebrate results This weekend’s South Carolina Republican primary, another step toward the former president’s shared goal of securing the Republican nomination, is a political Russian with the future of the nation’s democracy at stake. You will be playing roulette. Unfettered Democrats have even greater voting power than […]

Haley says Biden ‘more dangerous’ than Trump

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley said in an interview published Thursday that she believes President Biden is “more dangerous” than former President Trump. However, she has made it clear that she doesn’t think either Trump or Biden should be the next president. “I have a lot of concerns about Mr. Trump coming back to the […]

Democrats blast ‘dangerous’ Capital One-Discover merger

The proposed merger between Capital One and Discover quickly drew pushback from some Democratic lawmakers and consumer advocacy groups, who argued that the partnership could reduce competition and increase rates and costs for consumers. . Senate Banking Committee Chairman Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) said, “When it comes to mergers of this size, regulators need to do […]

Mississippi prison sued over dangerous conditions, healthcare shortcomings

Inmates at the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility were routinely exposed to dangerous chemicals and denied timely medical treatment, a federal lawsuit alleges. Former inmate Susan Balfour, 62, is said to have developed terminal breast cancer after being forced to mix raw cleaning products without protective equipment. “These are human beings who deserve a second chance […]

A Wuhan in Your Backyard? More Than 200 Dangerous Biolabs Right Here in the U.S.

The following content is The Wellness Company. Do you think another Wuhan can never happen here in the United States? Think again. In a shocking discovery recently in California, an illegal Chinese-owned biolab was uncovered. Law enforcement officer Jessalyn Harper stumbles upon a potentially deadly laboratory in Reedley, California. economist report: Harper entered the building […]

Joe Biden ‘enabled’ family to sell access to US’ ‘most dangerous adversaries,’ Tony Bobulinski will testify

Exclusive: Joe Biden ‘enabled’ son Hunter to sell access to America’s ‘most dangerous enemies’ including Communist China, Russia, eldest son’s former business associate Tony Bobulinski impeached He is expected to testify as part of the Inquiry on Tuesday. Bobulinski, who worked with Hunter Biden to create Sinohawk Holdings, a joint venture with Chinese energy company […]

Climate change is making it more dangerous for kids to play outside, report finds

Severe heat waves and frequent wildfires are reversing America’s gains in clean air for a generation, a new study finds. peer reviewed the study Climate analysis firm First Street Foundation predicts that increasing levels of microscopic soot particles and ozone molecules entering Americans’ lungs will, by midcentury, be at levels as high as 2004, before […]


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