Biden is headed for defeat in upcoming election — and Dems have ‘no plan to fix the problems’: top pollster Nate Silver

Renowned pollster Nate Silver said President Biden is expected to lose this November due to age and declining job performance, and that Democrats have “no plan to fix the problem.” Silver, founder and former editor-in-chief of the statistics website FiveThirtyEight, said the incumbent president “still has a chance” of winning, but that’s either because the […]

Keir Starmer reportedly wanted to quit after 2021 Hartlepool defeat | Keir Starmer

Keir Starmer was considering resigning as Labor leader after defeat in the 2021 Hartlepool by-election, according to a new biography. The Conservative loss in the Durham County constituency was a blow to Mr Starmer, who had held the seat since the party was founded in 1974. Almost two and a half years later, Labor achieved […]

Nets suffer most lopsided defeat since 1978

BOSTON — The Nets’ loss to the Celtics wasn’t just bad. It was historic. Brooklyn lost 136-86, the most lopsided loss in not one, but two generations. In fact, the New Jersey Nets lost 139-87 to the Houston Rockets at Compaq Center on October 18, 1978. The only thing that kept the final score from […]

Is It Time For Republicans To Hit The Panic Button After Special Election Defeat?

Despite a disappointing showing for Republicans in Tuesday’s special election to replace scandal-plagued former Republican Rep. George Santos, here are some reasons why this loss may not bode well for November’s election. be. In New York’s 3rd Congressional District, former Democratic Congressman Tom Suozzi defeated Republican candidate Maji Melesa Pilip by about 8 points. according […]

Haley Headed for Historic Defeat, Trump Leads

A poll of South Carolina’s Republican primary is predicting a historic loss for presidential candidate and former governor Nikki Haley. CBS News investigation Asked In South Carolina, Republican primary voters are likely to support the state in the upcoming February 23 primary, with Trump leading by a wide margin with 65 percentage points to Haley’s […]

Second former Trump lawyer predicts defeat at Supreme Court over immunity

Another former President Trump’s lawyer predicted the Supreme Court would rule against Trump’s immunity from criminal prosecution. Former Trump lawyer Timothy Parlatore spoke on CNN On “The Source with Caitlan Collins,” he said he believes the Supreme Court will likely take up Trump’s immunity case and rule against the former president. “I think it would […]

Ex-Trump White House lawyer predicts crushing defeat at Supreme Court

President Trump’s former lawyer predicts the Supreme Court will rule unanimously against the president’s claim that the 45th president is immune from criminal prosecution. Ty Cobb, who was the White House special counsel when Trump tried to evade the investigation led by Robert Mueller, spoke Tuesday after an appeals court ruled against Trump. “The immunity […]


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