SpaceX delays launch of secret Space Force mission

SpaceX software engineer Kairan Quazi tells The Claman Countdown how he ended up working for Elon Musk. Elon Musk's SpaceX A planned Space Force mission involving the U.S. military's top-secret X-37B spacecraft has been postponed by one day due to weather, the military announced Sunday. The launch was originally scheduled for Sunday at 8:14 p.m. […]

Google delays launch of ‘Gemini’ AI bot until January: report

Google has delayed the public release of its long-awaited conversational artificial intelligence tool Gemini until next month due to performance concerns, according to a report on Monday. The decision to postpone the launch of a product that directly competes with OpenAI’s ChatGPT was made after Google researchers discovered that Gemini “cannot reliably handle some non-English […]

Tesla Cybertruck deliveries begin Thursday after long delays

Carlton English, Ben Levithorne, Andrew Barry and Jacob Sonnenschein discuss how tensions in the Middle East are impacting investors and the production hurdles facing the Tesla Cybertruck. The long-awaited first arrival tesla cybertruck is scheduled to begin Thursday, and the electric car maker plans to mark the occasion with an event at its Gigafactory in […]

IDF spox suggests hostage release delays part of Hamas ‘strategy’

An Israeli military spokesperson on Saturday blamed Hamas for delays in releasing a second wave of Israeli hostages, saying the tactics were part of a “strategy” of “psychological warfare.” Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman Doron Szpilman said on Saturday that the long-negotiated 50 Israeli hostages would be withdrawn after Hamas said it would withdraw, claiming […]

Hamas Delays Release Of Hostages, Demands Israel Allow More Aid Into Gaza: REPORT

According to multiple reports, Hamas announced that it would delay the release of additional hostages and demanded that Israel allow aid trucks to enter Gaza. Islamic extremist terrorist organization claimed Israel violated ceasefire terms, report. Hamas has demanded that Israel allow aid trucks into northern Gaza. according to To Axios. (Related article: ‘I’m scared […]

IRS Delays Forcing Gig Workers to Report over $600 Threshold of Payments 

The IRS has delayed forcing gig workers to report payments over the $600 threshold made through third-party payment apps like Zelle, Cash App, Venmo, and PayPal. announced this week. The rule’s extension is a victory for gig workers who hold multiple jobs to make ends meet in President Joe Biden’s struggling economy. Sixteen percent of […]

Hamas Delays Second Release Of Hostages Until Israel Lets Aid In North Gaza

Ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas brokered by Qatar (File) Gaza: The Hamas militant group announced that it had decided to postpone the second round of hostage releases scheduled for Saturday until Israel commits to allowing aid trucks into northern Gaza. Hamas’ al-Qassam Brigades said the release of the hostages would be delayed if Israel […]

Israel-Hamas Truce And Hostage Deal Faces Delays

There was further fighting between Hamas and Israeli forces in northern Gaza. Negotiations between Israel and Hamas continued through the night, with Israeli officials indicating that hostage release from Gaza and a cessation of fighting would be delayed. The four-day suspension of military operations and hostage release in Gaza was originally scheduled to begin Thursday […]

IRS delays implementing $600 reporting rule for Venmo, PayPal payments

The IRS is postponing implementation of sweeping rule changes that would require people to report income over $600 paid through popular apps like Venmo and Paypal, the agency announced Tuesday. The controversial tax reporting rule, which received no Republican votes when approved by Democrats in Congress as part of the American Rescue Plan in 2021, […]