NYPD detective arrested for shoplifting at Long Island Home Depot

An NYPD detective working in Commissioner Edward Caban's office was arrested Saturday for shoplifting from a hardware store on Long Island, officials said. Special Detective Christina Cancel, 54, is suspected of stealing $160 worth of merchandise from the shelves of a Deer Park hardware store, according to Suffolk County Police. Cancel, who made more than […]

Ohio ex-vice detective pleads guilty to kidnapping sex workers

A former Ohio vice detective on Thursday pleaded guilty to federal charges that he kidnapped a sex worker victim under the guise of an arrest, according to federal prosecutors. Andrew Mitchell, 59, of Sunbury, pleaded guilty to two counts of acting under the law and depriving an individual of his civil rights and one count […]

Bank Detective Flagged Wire That Funded $40K Check to Biden

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) on Wednesday released emails from a bank money laundering investigator obtained by Breitbart News. He expressed concern about the “China money” that ultimately funded the $40,000 check to Joe Biden. House Republicans are likely to use Comer’s strong findings as further evidence to move forward with their impeachment […]


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