NC State’s halftime corgi races devolved into chaotic, floofy madness

In the world of halftime entertainment, North Carolina State certainly had ideas on how to keep the crowd engaged during intermission. It’s corgi racing. The execution, well, that’s where it went a little awry. Fans were in full force for Tuesday night’s Corgi races, and the Corgi races went exactly as expected. You can command […]

The internet has devolved into fast food for the soul

Today’s Internet is like Big Gulp. It’s a giant cup of colored water that’s filled with sweet dopamine and can be made into any flavor you want. Where did I go after waking up from my sugar coma? Is there an exit door to this Wonka nightmare factory?do Hotel California Does it offer anything else […]

The GOP debate devolved into media spectacle — and the media is to blame

Voters who wanted a media spectacle got their wish Wednesday night when eight Republican presidential candidates took to the stage in Milwaukee. But the public, who expected a sensible discussion of the nation’s toughest issues, was certainly disappointed by this dramatic turn of events. There is a fundamental problem with trying to force heavy political […]