Charlotte police ID 8 arrested, released after African cultural event devolved into riot, tractor-trailer fire

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the police are in The city of Charlotte, North Carolina, has identified eight people who were arrested and released after 10 hours of “protests and confrontations” stemming from a “cultural event” in Eritrea.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department on Tuesday released the names of people arrested Saturday as officers tried to disperse illegal protesters who showed up on private property and spilled onto the street. Authorities said police officers were attacked by people brandishing sticks and rocks, and a crowd protesting against the government of Eritrea also set a tractor-trailer on fire in North Carolina’s largest city. Police said they seized two firearms within a few hours.

The eight people arrested were subsequently released anywhere from less than an hour to up to four hours later, according to Mecklenburg County Jail online records.

Nesa Tesfaye, 31, was charged with disorderly conduct and failure to disperse in connection with Saturday’s standoff. Mecklenburg County Jail records show she was arrested in May 2022 on charges of communicating her threats and violating her nondisclosure order, but she was released the next day. Tesfaye was also arrested in November 2021, and she was released again the next day, but she was charged with communicating threats and two counts of simple assault. The circumstances of those incidents were not immediately known, but Tesfaye was arrested and she was released less than an hour later Saturday, according to jail records.

Charlotte protesters attack police, set tractor-trailer on fire during Eritrean ‘cultural event’ riot: Police

From left, Nesa Tesfaye, Haile Tsaeda, Gebrehiwot Adhanom and Rwam Tewelde are among the eight people arrested in connection with protests at an Eritrean cultural event in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Mecklenburg County Jail)

Haile Tsaeda, 39, was charged with assault on a public servant and injury to personal property in connection with Saturday’s protests. Efrem Michael, 52, was charged with disorderly conduct and failure to disperse.

Four of eight people arrested at Eritrean protest in North Carolina

The eight people arrested at the Charlotte protests on Saturday included, from left to right, Weldegiorgis Petros, Semel Kefrey, Girmay Dawit and Efrem Michael. (Mecklenburg County Jail)

Police said Gebrehiwot Adhanom, 59, was charged with assault and resisting, delaying or obstructing a government official.

Lwamu Tewelde, 37, was charged with carrying a concealed weapon and failing to disperse.

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Police said that as officers from the bicycle squad tried to remove protesters from the street, several demonstrators threw objects and pushed them back, prompting officers to use pepper spray. Several demonstrators and police officers were treated at the scene for injuries from pepper spray, but police said a female demonstrator struck an officer and seized a firearm from her.

On Saturday, police announced that the female demonstrators were charged with inciting a riot, failing to disperse, damaging personal property and assaulting government officials.

Charlotte police respond to Eritrean riots

Charlotte police officers in riot gear responded to a protest at a cultural event in Eritrea. (Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department)


In addition, Weldegiorgis Petros, 29, was charged with failure to disperse. Semel Kefrey, 30, was charged with failing to disperse and “being armed and terrorizing the public,” while Gilmay Dawit, 45, was charged with carrying a concealed weapon. , police said Tuesday.



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