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Utah father, daughter die after bulldozer fell on top of their car

A father and daughter in Utah were killed over the weekend when a bulldozer collapsed on their pickup truck. The Utah Highway Patrol announced in a news release that Richard David Hendrickson, CEO and president of outdoor furniture manufacturer Life Time Products, and his 16-year-old daughter, Sally, were killed in the crash in Ogden Canyon. […]

Most Cancer Patients Die Of ‘Cachexia’, Not Cancer: Read Details

What is the “cancer cachexia” syndrome, which accounts for the majority of patient deaths? (Image) New Delhi: A new study suggests that when tumors in cancer patients produce elevated levels of an immune system molecule called interleukin-6 (IL-6), it can cause severe brain dysfunction and lead to a fatal, debilitating disease called cachexia in about […]

Georgia school employees and ‘ride or die’ friends in each other’s weddings accused of sexually abusing students

Two Georgia school employees accused of sexually abusing students described themselves as “together for life” friends and were involved in each other’s weddings. Former Calhoun City Schools employee Raylee Gleason was indicted Thursday on two counts of first-degree sexual contact by employee or agent for allegedly having sexual intercourse with two different male students between […]

1 in Every 39 Americans Will Die of a Drug Overdose at Current Rate

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes Editors’ Note: The number of deaths is truly shocking. Our present approach to drug usage is not working. We have more addiction, more homeless, and more deaths. Those are objective facts. Why do so many people today seek chemical answers to life problems or simply for “recreation”? As a society, […]

Florida Firefighter And Wife Die In Murder-Suicide After Eerie Facebook Post

A Florida firefighter and his wife committed a murder-suicide on June 13 after making some creepy Facebook posts, Fox News reported. St. Johns County Fire Rescue Lt. Shawn Yarbrough and his wife, Andrea Yarbrough, were found dead in what authorities have ruled a murder-suicide. Fox NewsThe tragedy occurred inside their home after Andrea’s mother called […]

Over 1K Die During Hajj Pilgrimage from Extreme Heat

More than 1,000 Muslims died during the recent Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia after the region was hit by extreme temperatures, authorities said. Two senior government officials in Cairo explanation More than half of those who died were from Egypt, the Associated Press reported Sunday, adding that “Egyptian authorities have revoked the licenses of 16 […]

Georgia: Father Who Left His Toddler In Hot Car To Die In 2014 Released From Prison

Justin Ross Harris. (Photo courtesy of Brunswick Police Department) OAN’s Brooke MalloryThursday, June 20, 2024 4:46 PM Justin Ross Harris was released from prison on Sunday, 10 years after his young son died in 2014 after being left in a hot car. advertisement According to Georgia Department of Corrections records, Harris was released from Macon […]