Australian Cop Charged For Tasering 95-Year-Old Dementia Patient Who Died

Police said she was brandishing a steak knife in one hand. (representative) Sydney: An Australian police officer was charged Wednesday with manslaughter for allegedly firing a Taser at a 95-year-old great-grandmother who later died in hospital. Dementia patient Claire Nowland died in May after a clash between her care home and police that shocked Australians […]

Woman died after drinking too much water, inquest finds

A mother of two admitted to a UK hospital with deteriorating mental health died after drinking too much water while staff were distracted by her mobile phone, an inquest recently concluded. It was revealed at the hearing. Michelle Whitehead, 45, was admitted to Millbrook Mental Health Unit in Sutton-in-Ashfield, near her home, in May 2021, […]

Nearly 4,00,000 In Europe Died Due To Air Pollution In 2021: Report

The Allianz Tower, Libeskind Tower and Generali Tower are visible in the thick smog of Milan. Brussels: Around 400,000 deaths in Europe in 2021 were linked to three major air pollutants, an EU report on Friday said, adding that if the pollutants were reduced to levels recommended by the World Health Organization, It is possible […]

New theory explaining how the dinosaurs died laughing

Over the years, we’ve been given a variety of theories as to how dinosaurs became extinct. They died because a giant asteroid crashed into Earth. They died due to devastating volcanic activity. They died because of climate change. They died due to plate movement. But now a new theory has emerged that we can’t help […]