IT’S A ‘DISGRACE’: Americans deliver blunt assessment of Trump trial

Residents across the country, from Fresno, California, to Washington, DC, to Nashville, Tennessee and elsewhere, denounced the ongoing trial of Donald Trump in interviews on Fox News Digital this week. “It’s a fraud and a disgrace that they would take a former president who will be president of our country in November and put him […]

Van Jones rails against Greene after spat with Dems: ‘She’s a disgrace to that Congress’

CNN commentator Van Jones responded to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-Ga.) personal attack on her colleague during a House Oversight Committee hearing Thursday night. He blamed the MP. The committee hearing was held to vote on whether to hold Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt of Congress, during which Greene questioned Rep. Jasmine Crockett’s (D-Texas) […]

Republicans blast Biden over plans to take in Gaza refugees: ‘Absolute disgrace’

As the Israel-Hamas war nears its seven-month end, Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill announced Wednesday that the Biden administration is considering allowing some refugees from the Gaza Strip into the United States. There was a big fuss. White House officials are exploring potential avenues to accommodate small numbers of Gazans, including some who fled the […]

Mike Johnson calls Columbia protests ‘utter disgrace’ and will announce ‘crackdown’ on antisemitism at universities – live | US politics

Johnson calls Columbia University’s protests an ‘utter disgrace’, calls for president’s resignation again Republican House Speaker mike johnson He continues to direct his anger at Columbia University students and leaders, accusing protests against Israel’s invasion of Gaza of anti-Semitism. What continues to happen in Colombia is an utter disgrace. Campuses are occupied by anti-Semitic students […]

Trump rips Biden over Columbia ‘disgrace’: ‘All his fault’

Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday accused President Biden and his successor of anti-Semitic chaos on campuses across the country, including Columbia University and New York University. “What’s happening at the university level and at universities like Columbia University and New York University is shameful. And the problem really is with Biden, he sent the […]

Jeffrey Toobin exposes himself to criticism after calling Justice Thomas a ‘disgrace’

Former CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin said: appear On liberal networks Tuesday, he blasted U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for daring to question the Biden Justice Department’s unequal application of the law. Toobin once again exposed himself to criticism of his less-than-stellar public record by calling the highly regarded constitutional law scholar a “disgrace.” Case […]