California lawmakers advance over a dozen bills to combat state’s fentanyl crisis

California legislators have introduced more than a dozen bills aimed at addressing the fentanyl crisis ahead of a critical deadline this week, including one that would impose harsh prison sentences on dealers. is Members of Congress and the Senate debated measures Wednesday, hoping to get hundreds of bills in place by Friday. Friday is the […]

Damaged yacht among 2 dozen vessels targeted by rogue orca whale pod this year

This week, a pod of killer whales repeatedly rammed a yacht in the Strait of Gibraltar, causing enough damage that Spanish rescuers had to rescue four crew members. This is the latest episode of a puzzling trend in killer whale behavior on the Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsula that researchers continue to search for. […]

Civilian Mobs Go on Lynching Spree, Burning over a Dozen Suspected Gang Members

Haitian police said on Monday that residents of the capital Port-au-Prince overpowered a group of suspected gang members and executed them by hanging and burning on the spot. Police spokesman Gary DeRogers Said Police were preparing to arrest the armed gang when a mob of angry citizens intervened. At least 10 suspected gang members were […]

‘Some Dozen’ of 16,000 Americans Want to Leave Sudan

Secretary of State Antony Brinken claimed Monday that of the estimated 16,000 Americans who may still be in Sudan, only “a few dozen” Americans have expressed interest in leaving Sudan. Over the weekend, President Joe Biden evacuated less than 100 personnel from the US embassy in Khartoum, Sudan, escalating violence between the two rival groups. […]

Chicago mail carriers robbed at least a dozen times in one month

Chicago authorities are warning the public of an armed robbery that targeted a US Postal Service mail carrier last month. The Chicago Police Department (CPD) reported that between one and three suspects approached mail carriers and threatened to hand over mail keys. At least 12 robberies occurred between March 2nd and April 5th. The suspect […]